Paker I will catch a pupiled puple LCK Summer Final Media Day

The 2021 LCK Summer Final The Finals of Summer The Main Charm of Summer came to the front of the 5th. In this final, I am getting highly interested in T1, which will take the winner of the winner and a long time to win the winner, Especially, both teams are likely to proceed a little more fierce game because they are confirmed by the stretching of the rolled cup.

So, the 2021 LCK Summer Final Media Da was going on a hot heat than ever. The meeting was conducted in the form of a caterpillar Kim Jung-gyun, the Show Maker and the T1 Son Seok-hee, and the ‘Paker’, What is the meaning of this final to them? I brought the opening of the final media day to the end of time. / Disise game Lee Hyung Chul reporter


The fittings are the most borders … Self-containing shoemakers and papers

Q. LCK Please tell me and go to the goal for the finals before the finals.

Winnie Kim Jung-gyun Director: Asked to win the final, we will do our best to win.

Soccer I Makaker: I came to the final three consecutive times. I will simply go to the championship and go to the championship.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: We have come to the final after the twists and turns. I am thinking to make better results. I think that the crew is a 3 consecutive championship, and the record is fun to break. I will try to break it.

T1 Packer: It is a fast-up final. I want to show you better than the playoffs and I want to show better performance.

Q. Who is the most awareness of the opponent team?

Bureau Kim Jung-gyun: T1 is strongly bound by all lines. Among them, the bottom line is especially watched.

Soccer I Maker: I think it is a fit, and I thought that the foam has climbed a lot these days … The fake player is most relevant.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: I think that the meadow is a mead, the power of the jungle occupies a great stake. I want to put a shoemaker and Canyon Kim Gun Department.

T1 Packer: Other line players do not care much. I am thinking on the finals of a suitable shooter player.

Q. I wonder that each of these finals is wondering.

Bureau Kim Jung-gyun Director: The reason I want to win this tournament is because I want to achieve three consecutive championships of the crew. I want to take a winning cup for a record for recording.

Singapore Showomekaker: Which finish is not important … It was a lot of events in this season, and it feels more important because it means that it is three consecutive. There are many meanings.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: As many people know, this year was a poisonous and tough year. I think we need a win to compensate for our efforts. If you can win, you will be better in the rolled cup. I want to take a winning cup. Team members think they were ready to win.

T1 Packer: This tournament knows a lot of focus on the record. But I am not a great interest in the record. It is the goal to show the best skill. If you can do that, the winner is also natural.

Q. Kim Jung-gyun’s director and fake player win the competition will achieve the V10. Could there be a word to the opponent? Also, let me know if you have a special feeling that the stage is the stage.

Winnie Kim Jung-gyun Director: You can accept the alumni. (Laughter) I hope to have been healthy, laughing a lot, and I hope to be full of good things.

T1 Paker: I also want to say that I will also be healthy. Who wants to play good in the finals.

Q. When we take championship, the LCK ring is given, and MVP is awarded bracelet. How do you manage?

Bureau Kim Jung-gyun Director: I do not think it would be possible to wear … I will give you a gift to the house if you win. (laugh)

Singapore Showomekaker: I did not think about it, but it seems to be kept.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: If there is a public spot, it seems to be going to go to the garage. I am thinking to determine the reaction.

T1 Packer: I do not wear accessories well … I think I have to keep it.

** Q. If you listen to the winning pledge for fans,

Book of seams Kim Jung-gyun: If you take up a continuous championship … The themselves will be the best gift to fans. Sorry (laughs). What are you doing? Once we win, we will do our best to show good performance in the Rolled Cup.

Singapore Showomekaker: Let the fans want. I will cut only the line and proceed with the proper line. (laugh)

T1 Son Seok-hee: Fans seem to have a lot of questions about that and the team. I think it would be nice to have the opportunity to be able to speak within as possible.

T1 Packer: The new series of games that jumped. It is thought to be broken once through a personal broadcast.

Show Maker, I can meet a fake on a high stage … Good game

Q. What is the lesson that the beans get through the season through this season.

Book of the crew Kim Jung-gyun: I am always in a posture that I always learn from the beginning. This season is less than a lesson … I think it seems to have learned a lot through the experience I have experienced. This summer season feels significant.

Q. I turned around to meet T1 in the finish. It seems to have a removal of the right, but the key of the game is where it depends on.

Bureau Kim Jung-gyun Director: It is a difficult feeling that is difficult to express in words. In the game, everyone’s foam comes up … I probably want to get better results. Separately, the key of the game is not thought.

Q. It seems to be possible to analyze more detailed analysis to deal with a friendly team.

Bureau Kim Jung-gyun: Not that. However, now, now, if the coaches are doing well, they are ready to work well.

Q. The former supervisor of T1 joined the anti-assembly. There are many existing coaches, how the role sharing is done.

Bureau Kim Jung-gyun Director: The role sharing is being done after the combination of the two-year-old analysts, and the work is being held easily. In the case of a game, there is almost everything in both analyte. It is a great help in performing a supervisor. The existing coaches are doing well.

Q. What athlete is a player who is ‘Kan’ to evaluate the show maker.

Singapore Sho Maker: East type is working hard to work hard and external, and it seems to be able to improve the atmosphere as much as possible. He thinks he is a good player.

Q. The fake player and the show maker players are famous as they respond to each other. What is the testimony to meet in the final? I am curious about the fake player.

Breaking Maker: Glorious that you can meet a fake player on a high stage. It is the wind to have a good time to play with each other.

T1 Paker: Show Maker I think it is showing a very good performance in a variety of ways. So he wants to show good performance in the finals. Actually, not … (laugh)

Q. I had a variety of experiences through this season. I’ve been through a position change or ahead of a remote dealer, but what was the biggest help in the player’s life, what was the biggest help.

Breaking Maker: It is a part of the decision that it would be helpful to the team than that of the guns that we played with a remote dealer. It seems that there was no experience that would help this season. 19, 20 spring 19, 20 spring … I think it will not be more.

Q. How do you think about the evaluation that the team becomes gradually becoming a complete?

Singapore Showomekaker: The expression called completely seems to be too strange … I think that breathing is well right.

Q. If you have a score of the current and current crew in the current crew, see some points.

Breaking Maker: I have not been able to do well in the beginning of the summer, rather than to score, and we have not been able to do well, and I did not feel a little because it was bad. Since then, the two parents have joined, and the form seems to have a lot of forms. It is certainly good that is better than the beginning of the summer.

Q. How do you manage the mental and condition management for the final preparation. I wonder if there is a special secret of a show maker player.

Singapore Sho Maker: I did a lot of tension in earnest debut, but I do not do it now. It is only a suitable tension that is to be helped in the game. There is no special management law … I am using a lot of care to the condition management.

Q. It is difficult to keep it more than climbing on top.

Soccer I Maker: That’s what it is definitely right. But this is another difficult, but it is more difficult to work harder than it is.

Paker, I have to hold my folding pong Kim,

Q. We have come to the finish by the supervisory agency. What is the lesson we got through this season, what meant?

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: The person was a season that I felt that I could not see ahead. The players and coaches help you, and come to the end of a hard work together, and I do not think I did something. I think it seems to be good when I do my best … I will do that in the future.

Q. As the coaching staff has been replaced, he suffered a crisis during the season. I came to the final and finalized, and I concentrated on some part to give the team to the director.

T1 Son Seok Hee Director: Shaking is true. However, we had to digest the remaining schedule. So the players were concentrated as much as possible and explained to what to do in the future. The remaining people have to be able to get rid of the season, and we have been encouraged to be able to get rid of us, and to get rid of the challenge. So we came here.

Q. There is a player who has an answer in an impact.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: There was a player who questioned question. On the other hand, like a fake player, there was a player who said, ‘I believe in Coach’ … The players were so anxious. I think it is natural. So I tried to go to myself. I judged that I have to look forward to the example here.

Q. The team stabilized in a short time. I wonder if any part has been helped.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: After a change, he had a change in KT, and the players and coaching staff got confidence. In the shaking situation, we thought we’re doing better than we thought, we could do it. I tried to learn like a strategy that looked like a strategy that looks like a strategy that looks like a strategy that looks like a strategy that looks like that,

Q. T1 has a lot of players who are the first to face the finals in a role park. Which way to care?

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: The big stage is a big stage for professional gamers. There are many crowds, and you can feel the atmosphere on a wonderful stage. I feel the tension, but I am not a player who is abnormal to the weight, but I can not even get it in a positive direction, and I can not pull it in a self-motivation.

Q. The power of T1 would have been exposed, as the two parents joined the binoma, however, that T1 can perform a performance that exceeds the data of the two parents.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: It is true that Yang Analytics left a lot. I can not deny that we are taking a lot of stake in our play. However, we are also many things we have also learned in a senior core. I think that I have shared a lot of things, and I think that someone can get a little ahead of them.

Q. It is a situation where the rolling cup entry is established. Recently, ‘Kumi Yui’ immigration, ‘Teddy’ Park Jin-sung, such as Teddy, Could it affect the process of setting the rolled cup roster.

T1 Son Seok – Hee Director: In the case of the finals, it is discussing it internally to bring good results to some players. In the case of Rolled Cup Roster, Kuma Yui will enter the 7th Roster in the 7th, so that it has contributed to our team.

Q. I see what T1 needs to win the LCK.

T1 Son Seok-hee: I think that I am a Rolled Cup defending champion, and a lot of minutes, a lot of minutes, a lot of minutes, a lot of minutes to get a lot of minutes to win the winner of the seam. However, if you show the appearance in this situation, you can play a good game if you show the appearance in this situation. Veteran ‘Cold’ Moon-chan, Teddy believes that you can show good look good.

Q. Playoff has been defeated in the second round and came to the final. How was the atmosphere at the time?

T1 Packer: It seemed better at the atmosphere because it was victorious after the first set. The rolled cup was also confident through the opaque state throughout the seams season. ‘Kia’ Ryu Min-seok or Kuma Yui, who did not play in the game, and I am happy to celebrate and rejoice.

Q. I told you to always aim to win during the season. On the other hand, I did not almost anymore this season. I am wondering if I have a confidence or responsibility for winning now.

T1 Packer: It is not much to interview with a vote … I believe it was not a winning right in the early season. I believe it can be enough now. The confidence is much higher than then. This time, it seems to be able to play on a clear goal of winning.

Q. The Khan of the crew is one of the past T1. I wonder how to evaluate.

T1 Packer: Yesterday, the same day was a plump. I think I’m eating well and living well … (laughs) (laughs) In the final, I feel like I have to get a folding pupil.

** Q. ‘Kanna’ Kim Chang-dong knows that the player ride the plane for the first time. Do you have a honey tip that you have?

T1 Packer: In fact, I do not think so rumors do not have to take off my shoes and take a lot … (laughs) I want to say a lot of sleep.

Q. What if you have a remaining greed. I took myself as a potion of the game, but let me know why.

T1 Paker: It is the biggest greed to show the performance of the self-satisfaction. I do not know external evaluation, but I personally had sexual performance. I do not think I could not tell you that I could not tell you. This time, I would be able to demonstrate the best performance in a situation where I can solve such issues.

Q. It is the final on the three seasons. I feel different.

T1 Paker: I thought I was working hard as I was so frequent. Now I think the stage that can show my performance is not a lot of coming … It seems to be a little more eager.