Sunday Tose Anifang 4 Fishing King Content Boss

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Sunday Toses (representative Kim Jung-seop) said that the Challenge of the Mobile Games Affections 4 was announced on the 25th that it has conducted new updates such as Boss and Pam System.

Mini Games ‘Challenge! Fishing King’ Boss Formation updates are attracting attention in the expansion of popular content in the game, and reorganization. Using a bait obtained by puzzle play, ‘Afang 4’ enjoying fishing, ‘Challenge! Fishing king’ is a popular content that is enjoying an average of 130,000 users a day.

The Boss ‘Deep Sea Ears’, which appears to be more than 50 tons of weight, which is a competitive game that sets ranking to the summation weight of the trapped fish. In addition, the newly added fish, such as ‘deep sea noise’, octopus, turtle, shellfish, jellyfish, etc., designed as a motif,


The guild-type user meeting, which is gaining the use of users, is the first line of ‘neighborhood market’ in Pam, a joint purchase market. The ‘neighborhood market’ is a system that can purchase up to 80% discounted items in a way that all PAM members are in the selling list to lower the selling price by pressing the bargaining button. The ‘neighborhood market’, which can afford a variety of items in the game, is a company explaining that it is anticipated that it is expected to benefit from purchasing benefits and pam-registration collaboration.

Sunday Tose Lee Jin Hyuk Team Leader said, We planned to plan for updates on content in games in the big response of users, he said.

On the other hand, ‘Anifang 4’ showed a new 50 new puzzle stage of the 43th episode with the game in the game in the game.