Korean feeling is a world pearl

Purt, Bis has released a new play video of its new ‘Bokbi’ through game scum. Through this, you can look at the world in the game that reflects Korean elements all over the place.

Pulse, Bis released his new play video on his new DokeV through GameSecom 2021, which was held at 3:00 on the 26th. This video shows that you can use a skateboard, umbrella, etc., to take advantage of various moving means such as umbrella,

Here is the point of viewing the K-POP Korean song as a video background music in the game. The trailer video insertion song ‘Rockstar’ is a K-POP style song that has been composed by the ‘Star’ ” star ” (Itzy composer Galactika .

In addition, there was an attack technology that appears to be the appearance of various other roads that appear in the game and the attack technology that has a unique pattern, and the battle scene with them. Motion graphics that emphasized naturalness, the character of the personality, and the appearance of the personality, and the combat scene with the feeling of feeling, and the gaugin weapon, such as a hammer, card, and a gun, appears.

The goblin is based on a new engine based on the bis self engine, and it implements a virtual world, such as reality, and it is a metaverse game that enjoys cultural experience, social and economic activity. Overall, it was an open-world MMORPG that leaves the adventure that finds strength from people’s dreams and grows to grow, and featured high freedom and bright and bright graphics.

Kim Dae-il, including producers, and Kim Sang-young, who has been developing, and Kim Sang-young, who has been developing, and a male-wide game designer, which was in charge of the development design of a black desert IP, has joined the development.

GameSum Opening Night Live Probe and Producer, Jeff Kale (Geoff Keighley), said, Once again, it is glad to be able to disclose a new look of the bis and hand grabbing. The colorful and vibrant world of the goblins were very well right in ONL’s purpose to present a variety of games every year.

Kim Sang-young, said, I am developing a unique material and an animated graphic, said Kim Sang-young, I am developing the whole family with a unique material and animated graphic. I will focus on it.

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Meanwhile, Bis will disclose detailed information about new work through a 1Q09 ‘s 1Q09’ s 2-year-old conference call. The goblin is aimed at launching 2022 and supporting PC, console, and mobile. For more information about the game, you can check through the official website.