Preview of Deathloop

Like your main character, Colt, deathloop is on the limbo.

Colt is a murderer, trapped in a ‘murder riddle’ in which she is forced to relive on the same day again and again unless she can defeat all eight main goals of Blackreef Island in a single cycle, but the difficulties Deathloop are a little more subtle.

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When you try to tell a complex and amazing story with a turn in each corner, marketing your game without revealing the mystery becomes a huge bet.

He plays your cards too close to the chest and you could seem uninteresting and losing yourself in the noise of the autumn launch season. But if you put everything on the table, you run the risk of running out of hooks and surprises and leave players disappointed.

From what I have played, Deathloop is amazing, as well as the previous work of Arkane Studios in Dishonored and Prey, and it is tempting to leave it like this.

A question that I have seen a lot is: What kind of game is Deathloop, and that is also difficult.

Obviously, you can follow the gender definitions and call it immersive simulator. But I feel that that underestimates its emphasis on an intelligent and revealing narrative, and lends itself to leaning on fashion words and phrases like: You can approach things as you want!

In many games, that choice is reduced to: Do you want to go through the main door or for the only air departure we have decided that you can also pass? However, it seems that Deathloop not only encourages him to follow his own path, but actually gives him the tools and space to do it.

An example in which I can think is how many games encourage you to be stealthy, but apart from being able to delay, you do not give you practically any interactive tool to help you.

Then, when the first enemy in which you fix your gaze, it will inevitably see you from a far golf course (unless they have been tuned to be aware of a college clubber to 10 depth sambucas to compensate), the stealthy approach is irremediably removed. You get a big red cross through a box on the corner of the screen and your only option is to sigh out loud or reload a saved save.

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In my time with Deathloop, I enjoyed the flexibility of fostering more furtive and stealth approaches within the same map, where it seems that the sections of enemies are almost configured as different encounters.

Instead that your only option is stealth until something goes wrong, you can take the most explosive way from the beginning without closing your options later.

You can slip meticulously through an area, taking everyone in silence, or leave to deal with threats aloud and efficient, before returning to the shadows to make the same decision again when you are with another group of bad. It is not punished for making full use of Colt’s capabilities.

Said that, if you leave that someone is scared and shooting the alarm, things get more complicated on a larger scale, but I love how this allows a really organic role play, where you are more focused on practically feeling your way through A level instead of tracing the perfect path knowing that you are trying to play well.

And this also works in a narrative sense, since you are learning the surroundings and your place in it as it does Colt. One of the deathloop mantras is ‘knowledge is power’, and practice what you preach.

Touch how to not have (for what I’ve seen) A traditional map menu, they force it to learn to move and fit very well in that idea of ​​feeling more like at home as each cycle progresses.

You will definitely you will also need to learn to move, as complex riddles (as you will have seen in the explanatory trailer of Deathloop) take place at several hours of the day in different parts of the island; It may seem that there are more gears. and moving parts that Clockwork Mansion de Dishonored 2.

You can solve the mystery and break the loop for yourself when Deathloop arrives at PS5 and PC on September 14.