IT Magnifying Glass Government Joint Forced Shutdown I disappear in ten years

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The government department gathered in the abolition of compulsory shutdowns, representative regulations of the game industry, meaning. This time, it is noteworthy that the female family committee threshold can be reached beyond the threshold of the actual abolition.

The Minister of Culture and Physical Education (Minister Hwang Hee) and the Minister of Family (Minister Chung Young-hee), the Minister of Education, Minister of Education, Minister of Education, Minister of Education, Minister of Education, We have released a healthy game of use of healthy game.

This is a result of the result of discussion of enabled adolescent game utilization environmental improvement and environmental opinion convergence and relationship department consultation after the forced shutdown of the State Adjustment chamber. The government decided to support governments that have been issued to the government’s legislative, without the emergence, and the governments of many compulsory shutdowns were issued to the National Assembly.

This measure reflects the change of the use of the adolescent environment, and it is an autonomous game time selector (optional shutdown (optional shutdown) ‘ It is a key. The game time selection agent is a system that rearranges the child’s game usage time, such as parents arbitrarily.

In addition, youth and guardians, teachers, etc., to strengthen the game understanding education. In other words, it is intended to support the self-determination of the youth and the health of the youth in a autonomous manner in a autonomous manner, and the healthy game leisure culture of the youth is settled.

The forced shutdown is the system that has been issued by the National Assembly after the discussion in 2005, as the resolution of the ‘Youth Protection Act’ in 2005,

The game usage environment has changed, such as a mobile game, such as a PC online game that has a shutdown of shutdown for 10 years, has changed the environment, such as one-person broadcasting, online video service (OTT), webtoon, SNS, etc. The need was also raised. In addition, the main advanced countries have reviewed the shutdown, considering that they have been reviewing the individual and home autonomous control of individuals and homes.

In addition, the government is also a policy to enhance the medium understanding (media literacy) education to enlarge the Games Cultural Bridge Classics and to enhance adolescent game use control capabilities and enhance the use of various media healthy.

The game for protectors and teachers enlarges enhancements and enhancements to enhancements and use the game use of the game, and create an environment where you can lead the use of adolescents at home and school, including games and immersion in the 2022 educational course. In particular, in various conflict situations related to the game, the game map guidelines that can be easily followed by protectors and teachers can be easily deployed with short videos within a 10-minute, and will be distributed to the Guardian club (community) and the educational portal.

The efforts to block adolescent harmful elements are also expanded. The game of the Game Water Management Committee enhances the water post-management function to monitor adolescent harmful games and develop new technology-based post-management systems such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to introduce adolescent harmful elements to introduce them in 2023. It also promotes a law amendment for probabilistic item information disclosure, adolescent advertisement blocking, and so on to minimize the purpose of the game.

The Games to Adolescents, said, The game, the game, and an ambience to communicate with the society, and a medium that communicate with society, is expected to be converted in a manner that respects the self-determination and happiness pursuit of the youth, and the families. I will actively support the relationship with a relationship with a relationship with a healthy and correct game.

The Minjiang Area Party said, Youth protected policies should be effectively operated to change the changes in the medium usage environment. This improvement is to actively discuss the discussion of the session, and support the discussion of the National Assembly, We will expand monitoring and strengthen the relationship department cooperation system.

Minister of Deputy Prime Minister Yu Eun-hye, The Minister of Education, said Minister of Education, the ability to determine and protect yourself in a changing media environment is important, and Youth cooperate with the relationship department to cooperate with the relationship Buddha, We will systematically support the media (media) and game use education, and continue to continue for a variety of leisure activities of sound game environments and adolescents.

◆ ◆ Deadly discarded shutdown … This time is different


As such, the government will emerge as interested as interests as the government will lead to the impairment of the government. In order for a forced shutdown to be abolished, you need to revise youth Protection Law, which should be executed of a female family committee that is related to the relevant shipments.

As requested in the 19th and 20th National Assembly, a parent selective agent that excludes a defensive shutdown, excluding the forced shutdown, but the government has not exceeded the threshold of the league, but it is not possible to repeat the precedent of the precedence.

However, the 21st National Assembly shall be a competitive state of competitive and compulsory shutdown laws, and as the result of the compulsory shutdown triggered by ‘MineCraft’ is widely known, this time is the atmosphere of the expected sense that the results may be different.

The game industry is also the point of welcoming forced shutdown abolition. The Korea Games Industry Association, Forced shutdown has been a long time, despite a number of issues, such as the defense of the real efficacy, adolescent rights infringement, and weakening industry competitiveness, said the Association and Members’ Regulatory Demands’ Galapagos’ I am actively supporting, welcoming and welcoming forced shutdown abolition decisions, and we expect relevant legislation revisions to be quickly.

The game industry will be able to advise the game industry in the future, and will be well informed by the game and lead the preemptive adolescent protection, he said, We will notify the game in the culture and the area of ​​the industry and try to improve game recognition.