Line Games Exs Source Heroes 3 new heroes and Pate core updates

Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) added three kinds of heroes of new national Wonderland heroes on the 27th Mobile RPG Exotic Heroes, and released a new Red Rating Pate Core ‘vicinity of Healing – Phase – Gina’.

First, Fate Ratings Hero Lee, Renor, Kruger, and Honder were newly added. Among the three heroes, Wonderland’s Signature Hero Lenoo can be obtained more easily through the probability industry by September 2.

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The first red-grade Pate core ‘Healing of Healing – Ginai’, which is the first to be introduced through this update, has a childhood childhood of the destiny grade hero. Period of the coming from October 11th to the daily event ‘Get the Red!’ Performing the daily and weekly missions to complete the daily and weekly missions, you can obtain the corresponding Pate core with a variety of compensations.

In addition, new chapters, which can experience a new story of Main Story Season 4 ‘Fallen Sky’, and the convenience was improved, such as adding hero experience to hero experience.

Line Games will proceed with a variety of events commemoria of this update.

First, we can get a free advanced recruitment event that can be free to use for up to 77 times by September 9, and can benefit from Jess and gold through a 7-day gift event for the same period.