Africa TV today Jang Jae ho vs Jung Ho wook 2021 AWL Season 2 Final Progress

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\ – ‘2021 AWL Season 2’ Final AWL Winner ‘Jang Jae Ho VS Jung Ho-wook’ Custom

** \ – 3, 4th to the finals before the finals, Embroidery Vs.

** \ – Total prize money, W100,000 won, Winning 5 million won, 200 million won, 3rd largest, W1250,000,

The ‘AWL Season 2’ finalists to cover the world’s strongest.

Africa TV is hosted by Africa TV today (27th), hosted by Africa TV, and the Global E Sports Competition hosted by Nice Game TV 2021 Africa TV League (AWL) Season 2 Mercury, He said he was going on the finals of Jang Jae-ho and Jung Ho-wook.

AWL is a global e-sports tournament for the stars of the country, and this ‘AWL Season 2’ is a two player selected through the execution of 14 A total of 16 players have a fierce competition for three weeks.

In the fourth stream tournament on the last 25 days, ‘Moon’ Jang Jae-ho exerts a highly concentration against ‘Focus’ umbrella, and two sets of set scores, two sets of sets, and entered the finals. ‘Sok’ Jung Ho-wook won the ER0, which was considered to be a winning candidate, followed by the 16th round, followed by the fourth round and succeeded in entering the final.

Both players this season are showing the performance of the finals. Jang Jae-ho is starting to win the first League winning in 2003, maintaining the world’s best athlete. Chung Ho-wook showed the opportunity to show the defeat of the quarter-finals of the quarter-finals of the quarter-finals and advanced to the finals. Especially, both players are expected to become a winner from the AWL winner.

The 3, 4th and Finals, which will decorate the last of the ‘AWL Season 2’, are held today (27th) at 6 pm (27th), respectively (27th), respectively. AWL’s treasury will be awarded for a prize of 250,000 won for the winner of W5 million won, 200 million won, 200 million won, 3rd largest, Rausung Wins, W30mn, W31250,000, and 4th, 750,000 won and 8th round.

The African TV Chain Source E Sports & Game Content Business Division said, The 2021 AWL Season 2, which made the sweat of the fans’ hands of fans, the 2021 AWL Season 2, which made the sweat in the hands of fans, is also expected to be ahead of the finals of the legends. Tv will sponsor and develop the E sports of the various events that users want.

‘2021 AWL Season 2’ finals can be viewed through the ‘AWL’ official channel in Africa TV, and detailed information related to the competition can be found in the ‘AWL’ official station of African TV.