Circle Kia Rinds Cup 2 consecutive winning

2021 LCK The main character of the Summer Season was back in the spring and once again. It has been achieved three consecutive successions, and three consecutive regular seasons, and the first place in the regular regular season, and the final winner. Kim Jung-gyun has established the executive record of the first 10 winners of LCK. 2021 League of Legend World Championship (Rolled Cup) 1 Seed is a bonus.

In fact, Kia spent a harsh day of poisoning this season. After returning from MSI, there was a sluggish and a large roster modification, and in the process, ‘Ghost’ Jang Yong-joon was also long. However, I returned to a roster that bent the spring season and the fans were anticipated by the fans. I had time to listen to the Rollhand Cup execution with the winning testimony of this tournament of Kia.

Q. Wow, please first ask me.

Kim Jong-gyun (Ultimate Kim Jung-gyun): Thank you for the athlete and staff that leads the Summer Season’s championship. I always want to say that I am always thankful for fans who always encourage.

Beloved power analyst (less than one): It was nine this year. I am happy to make a good relationship again and make a good relationship. Thank you all.

‘Khan’ Kim Dongha (Kim Dong-ha): There is no glad to win. I would like to raise a word that I would like to thank the Representative of the Cemester who gave a good opportunity. I also appreciate the fans who believed and cheered.

‘Canyon’ Kim Chang (Canyon): Thank you for all of the three consecutive champions, a good recording, a good record, a team, director, coach, front, and staff.

‘Sho Maker’ Scarecrow (Scarecard): I thought I was able to get MVP with the winner today. I will show you a good result when I keep the form without self-praise.

‘Ghost’ Jang Yong-joon (Ghost : As I was talking about winning, I think the Summer Season’s championship was the hardest in the championship. It seems that you are more pleased and you can go out and go well.

‘Berry’ condition (DJ): T1, followed by the second record of three consecutive champions, and it is pleasant, and it is glad to win.

Q. The scarecrow was questioned in the MVP of Kim Dong-ha in the last spring final, and I wonder why Kim Dong-ha would get MVP this season.

Scarecration: When the Spring Finals had a question, it was questioned. The final was really good at the same type, and I wanted to get MVP because it was the last season.

Q. Why do I have two sets of Casadin or a continuous?

Spiral: Cassadine is a champion that can not be called if the team is not a team. He believed that the team could be able to receive, and personally likes the champion, but the angle came out and picked up. I want to write it in the rolled cup.

Q. I heard that I was preparing for a game until I wrote a Kim Dong feedback on a notepad. He is wondering what he was.

Kim Dong – Ha: I first met the first time, because I first met breathing, and I wanted to fit quickly and better than anything.

Q. In the case of a scarecrow, ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon, ‘Biddi’, followed by Pakers, followed by the final against ‘Paker’. I wonder if the testimony is wondering, and I want to know if there is a midliner that looks at the rolled cup.

Scarecred: Everyone is a good player, and I feel good. In the rolled cup, the ‘Dainby’ Kim Tae-sang is expected to be the best.

Q. If you have a vacation plan to the rolled cup?

Kim Jung-gyun: Right now, we went to the athletic power vacation, and they seem to coordinate the schedule. I am thinking about the family. I want to love my family.

Kim Dong – Ha: I am thinking to go to Jeju Island.

Kim Kun-Boo: I am thinking of another game at home.

Scarecration: Lost Arc I want to do it.

Jang Yong Joon: I will be a little resting and will League of Legend

Condition: Physical examination should be received again. After reconciation, I will be going to be on my own.

Q. The opponent bottom was changed to ‘Kuma Yui’ immigration from ‘Teddy’ Park Jin-sung, and it would have been burdened by the timing. Which feedback is received?

Jang Yong Jun: I have not been defeated at that timing and did not have a burden. Rather, I was able to prepare for what to do in the next set.

Q. Jungle Ling’s position was done sharply, from spring season, MSI, and summer season to this year. I wonder what to adapt to the Canyon Kim Goo-woo, the world’s highest position, Canyon, which was in the world’s highest digit, was to adapt to the frequency of ganging and the proportion to the summers meta.

Kim Gun: He thought that he was a better direction to the victory of the team, and he tried to learn meta quickly. He had no difficulty in adaptation.

Q. I wonder if the coach jeans are the most focused on the finals.

Beloved: The tower and bottom of other lines were prepared to do our best because they were all mobilized. I’ve been doing well as all the two lines. Especially, Kim Dong-ha was so impressed to prepare for the game.

Q. Why do not you expand the unique journal of Kim Gun and the scarecrow in the mid-Summer season?

Kim Jong Kyun: It seems to have done everything you can suit your situation.

Q. I decided to enter the Rolling Cup, ask a word to the FPX of China’s FPX.

Kim, Dongha: Everyone seems to be doing well. When I have a …

Q. His last year, the ‘Raccoon’, who was a colleague, came to the rolled Cup. What if you want to do it?

Kim Dong – Ha: Thank you for helping a lot of help in one-to-one in this final.

Kim Kun-Boo: I want to do well with the remaining finals, I want to meet you in the Rolled Cup.

Scarecred: I wish to win the finals and get 1 seed and I would not meet the group stage.

Jang Yong Joon: Take care of you to catch raccoon.

Terms: I want to meet at least four rows.

Q. The rolled cup was exhibited by seed. A word,

Kim Dongha: It seems to be the last competition of player life. I think it is a good opportunity to be able to do with good members. I will make everything I can do. I will make good sexuality.

Kim Kun-Boo: This year seems to have more strong teams than last year. I will make it harder this year.

Scarecrow: Last year, I did it last year, I will work hard as I go to LCK representative.

Jang Yong Jun: I am sorry for Kim Donghae to win MSI. I will win this time.

Termshee: LCK 1 I’ll show you good look at the Rolled Cup as a seed.

Big: LCK 1 goal to maintain. We will make every effort to do so.

Gimjeonggyun : agent Kia will do my best to lead the continuous roll LCK 3 2 World Cup winning streak.