Curios Crunchyroll announces after acquisition by Sony cooperation with Xbox

The crunchyroll specialized in animes was bought for nearly 1.2 billion dollars of Sony for just under $ 1.2 billion after the negotiations have been running since the end of last year. It even circulates rumors that the service could become an integral part of PS plus. The more surprising now the news will appear that there will be a collaboration of Crunchyroll and Xbox.

It has it with the deal between Crunchyroll and Xbox

Specifically, all members of Crunchyroll Premium can secure a free trial subscription at the Xbox Game Pass until 31 October 2021 for three months. Incidentally, this also works with a Crunchyroll trial subscription that you can conclude directly on the Crunchyroll page. For the time being, however, the action only concerns the Game Pass for PC and only applies if you have no Xbox Game Pass yet.

That could be behind it: Although Sony and Crunchyr had been working for a few months at her deal, but the cooperation with Xbox could have been identified before. In this case, the contracts would be binding, even if Sony has bought the documents. The situation is similar to Games of Bethesda, which in turn was adopted by Microsoft. Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo come in spite of the merger time-exclusively for the PS5.

It is also possible that CRUnchyroll is allowed to act completely self-sufficient by the parent company Sony. In this case, the company could also cooperate with direct competitors of Sony. However, that seems unlikely.

Even Sony itself has a first party game in the Xbox Game Pass:

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What exactly is Crunchyroll?

The streaming service for animes is one of the most famous and most successful services of its kind. Overall, around 120 million registered users of over 200 countries use the service.

Crunchyroll but not only counts the streaming service. Crunchyroll is also involved in video game productions and organizes its own large conventions as the Crunchyroll Expo 2021, in whose frame the Xbox cooperation was announced.