Line Games Nuclear Slash Unsembrane Testing in 2H

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) announced on the second half of this year to test the test of the Unsembra developed by Niz Games (Representative Jobs).

Unreal Engine 4 is aimed at a variety of contents that are harmonized with colorful graphics and single and multiplayers based on Unreal Engine 4. This game has been disclosed in April’s new line Games New Announcement.

The company has revealed the character and monster image of the unidemer and introduced a new skill introduction of 4K quality.

You can see the characters of the unlisted equipment that wore various equipment through the published character image. The unreadable is not the concept of a class, and you can directly choose the skills you want to utilize the user’s taste and primarily, and grow the character in the desired direction through the rune.

Line Games plans to serve as a Mobile and PC Steam Multi-platform.