HarmonicDyne PD1 Evaluation

HarmonicDyne has actually established a superb online reputation for its over-ear, open-back earphones. We last saw the brand with the HarmonicDyne Zeus, an impressive headphone for audiophiles and also gamers alike. Today, we’re looking at the business’s first in-ear screen, the PD1. It’s an interesting monster, integrating a 10mm planar magnetic and 10mm dynamic driver to provide natural sound loaded with glimmer and also energy. Coming in at $379, that combination of motorists does not come economical but has the prospective to provide an outstanding paying attention experience.

Is HarmonicDyne’s very first time the appeal with the PD1? Allow’s dig in and discover!

Specs .

  • Present Cost: $379 (Linsoul).
  • Double Chauffeurs: 10mm planar magnetic, 10mm dynamic driver.
  • Materials: CNC Aviation Aluminum Coverings.
  • Impedance: 16 ohms.
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz– 40 kHz.
  • THD + N: 0.2%.
  • Level of sensitivity: 110 dB.
  • Housing material: Aviation-grade 7075 light weight aluminum alloy.
  • Cable television: 4.4 mm copper-silver balanced cord, 3.5 mm OFC silver-plated out of balance cable.
  • Connector: MMCX.
  • Size: 1.4 m.
  • Weight: 6.5 g each.

HarmonicDyne PD1 – Summary as well as Unboxing .

Tin P1 IEM Review
The HarmonicDyne PD1 is bent on make a perception. That starts right from the unboxing experience with among one of the most distinct boxes I have actually seen for an audio item. Package is textured in a paper-like way and a small ornamental sleeve need to be eliminated to access the larger box. High marks for outside discussion.

When package is opened up, you’re provided with the IEMs and a traveling case presented left wing and also a choice of silicone ear tips as well as steel possession card on the right. (As an aside, don’t mind the one black tip. That’s a stand-in as the other is in-use). Mine device was serialized No. 134, so I’m checking an unit early in the manufacturing run. We’ll dig more deeply right into these accessories shortly.

Beneath the ear tips are two boxes that each home a separate cord for these IEMs. That’s right, while it’s usual for IEMs to consist of detachable cords, the PD1s include both a well balanced as well as single-ended wire to make certain it can connect to your gear as well as really be pushed to their restriction. These cables are an outright peak to the bundle, each thick and also rope-like with tightly-woven braids. Regardless of their girth, they do not kink or coil conveniently, that makes them easy to put on and take care of. Both also stay clear of microphonics – the sound that moves up the cord when coming in call with your t-shirt or coat. There’s additionally a 1/4- inch adapter for the single-ended cord.

Taken overall package, it’s a generous package. The cable televisions alone might easily run upwards of $75 purchased outside of this package. The various other products are only average. The situation looks nice but feels quite slim. The ear tips were likewise problematic, the black tips also loose to fit firmly in both ears and the red tips too firm/too big to put on without entirely sealing my left ear canal without leaving my jaw slightly slack. Everyone’s makeup is different, so your mileage might differ, but I have actually never been able to not discover a fit in the past.

Relocating to the IEMs themselves, we have light weight aluminum shells with a magnificently reflective finish. The faceplates protrude a touch, triggering representations to spread in an attractive means. The overall layout follows traditional Universal IEM shaping with contours enabling the PD1s to nestle right into the all-natural folds up of the ear without protruding way too much. There’s a triple-point air vent on the back rear of each to alleviate pressure as well as enhance their comfort. The nozzles are also long enough to fit firmly in your ear canal– assuming you do not have the very same concern I did with the supply tips.

Inside those shells, the PD1s include a hybrid chauffeur variety. Each shell includes a 10mm planar dynamic driver for the mids and highs. Bass responsibilities are covered by a 10mm dynamic driver. Planar-driven IEMs are still rather uncommon in the IEM world but are no more unprecedented. The concept is an attractive one: all of the information and clearness of a planar without the cumbersome over-ear package you would normally be forced to. The dynamic driver has also been boosted with a diamond-like carbon dome as well as carbon nano-tube edges.

The downside to consisting of planars in an IEM is that they are notoriously power starving. With an insusceptibility of 16 ohms, you might believe that PD1s are simple to drive however do not be rash. These IEMs will run and also seem respectable with a $20 dongle DAC, however relying on what you’re driving them from they just will not appear their ideal and might experience uncommon sound artifacts (like distortion around the fringes of specific vocals). You need to provide even more power. I advise grabbing a budget-friendly portable amp like the Fiio A1 or Topping NX1 for use on the go. In your home, I ran them from my XDUUO XD-05 Plus however had the ability to press them just fine with both my Presonus sound interface and also GoXLR, so do not spend a lot on boosting. Still, amp these earphones.

HarmonicDyne PD1 – Fit and Comfort .

Never ever before have I felt so much like the Princess and the Pea. Using the included tips, I wasn’t able to discover a dependable fit despite which mix I attempted of each color. The black tips are softer and also worked much better for my left ear, but were too tiny for my right. The red tips are firmer as well as functioned fantastic for my appropriate ear, but also utilizing the smallest dimension, were too big for my left. Inserting it enough to feel protected and also supply the appropriate quantity of bass, closing my jaw sealed my ear canal enough to entirely kill the sound. Considered that ear tips can impact sound, mixing and matching had not been a good choice either. Very, very strange as well as an initial for me across dozens of IEM testimonials.

Luckily, I had the ability to pull an additional set from a set of Fiio earphones I had neighboring as well as address the issue. The ironic point is that this problem might have been prevented totally if HarmonicDyne had consisted of a collection of foam ear tips, yet regardless of the high cost, it was silicone just.

With the ear suggestion problem arranged, comfort is really quite great. Full-aluminum IEMs can be hefty and also slide out gradually, but that wasn’t the instance with these. The buds are medium-sized and had the ability to be sustained quickly by my external ear as well as remained in area well. Even after a number of hrs, I really did not experience any pain or inflammation.

HarmonicDyne PD1 – Paying Attention Perceptions .

HarmonicDyne has an intriguing description for these headphones. They highlight the natural and comforting sound trademark with excellent sparkle as well as power. Those 2 summaries almost seem at odds, but after investing a pair weeks with these headphones, there actually is a dynamic quality to these earphones that permits them to help kicked back, acoustic music all the means to crashing heavy steel with a pleasing total sound.

So let’s break that down. These headphones have a U-shaped audio signature. The bass is deep and also abundant, so when kick drums and also reduced bass lines start, you can really feel their effect and presence. The planar vehicle driver does a great work of drawing out mid- as well as high-frequency detail, which is where the glimmer is available in. Listening to acoustic or atmospheric jazz, like Arve Henriksen’s _ Saraswati _, I was consistently shocked by exactly how well articulated little details in the mix were. Chimes, peaceful cymbals or high hats, really did not break up too soon. In the mids, vocals are certainly intimate and also all-natural sounding. Instruments in this variety, like heralds, satisfied me with just how in-depth they were. Plainly, the tuning as well as driver combination are well done and also finely tuned.

An additional point worth mentioning is that the PD1s have among the larger soundstages I have actually learnt through a closed-back IEM. I’m uncertain just how they do it, but I discovered myself double-checking my phone to make certain Dolby Atmos wasn’t allowed throughout the evaluation procedure. These IEMs won’t change an excellent set of open-back containers, however the sense of room and air they provide is impressive.

But keeping that, we need to return to power. Despite their 16 ohm resistance, these earphones just don’t contend without sufficient juice behind them. Much like the Tin HiFi P1s, I presume we’ll see viewpoint split on these earphones among people who are driving them with some sort of amp and also those connecting directly into a phone or earphone jack dongle. Similarly, they simply require _ quantity _.

Before writing this review, I went back as well as forth in between a fundamental dongle DAC as well as my desktop computer amp paying attention to Spotify on its finest setup. There is a prompt and also visible bump thoroughly as well as room moving from a low-powered dongle to a proper amplifier. Worse, paying attention via that dongle DAC occasionally caused distinct distortion at the fringes of male vocals. This did not happen on the precise very same tracks with a correct amp. Give. Them. Power.

Final Thoughts .

The HarmonicDyne PD1s are a fascinating earphone. Not just are they a separation from what the brand has done in the past, but the mix of planar and also vibrant drivers isn’t exactly common in the earphone area. I actually enjoyed their audio trademark and the included clarity the planar provides in the mids and also highs. The bass is additionally darned good and also really submits the music with real weight.

The sticking point here is price. At $379, they’re an expensive headphone that basically demands outside gear, be that ear tips or an amplifier. I truly delight in these earphones, however at the existing rates, they have _ high _ competitors that _ additionally _ delivers outstanding audio high quality without the requirement for an amplifier to actually sound their finest. The PD1s are doing something special, nonetheless. The planar vibrant blend works well and, honestly, has a greater cost to implement. The two addition of not one however 2 outstanding cords aids minimize the high cost, also.

The factor right here is that this is a reserved recommendation. These earphones have a great deal opting for them, however they deserve actually taking into consideration before pulling the trigger at this rate.

_ The item described in this write-up was offered by the manufacturer for examination purposes. _.