New set of titles in the upcoming pubg universe

During a recent interview with the CEO of Pubg Corp’s parent company, Krafton, Kim Chang-Han said that an upcoming title in the Pubg Universe was scheduled for next year. Although nothing has been confirmed on the exit of the title next year, The Callisto Protocol is another title that the studio is actively developing and it is currently planned for an exit 2022. Pubg is available now on Xbox One, PS4 , PC, Mobile and via the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

I think the most important thing is how the company can use pubg’s intellectual property and how it can make it an even greater franchise, said Kim Chang-Han. We will not stay like a single wonder. In discussing the period preceding the release of Pubg, Kim Chang-Han said, It was the darkest period of my life … Every fiber of my being told me to do this game.

South Korea is apparently on track to raise up to $ 10.9 billion with more than 120 initial public offices this year, according to Kakaobank Corp. Brokerage Corporation. South Korea’s Benching Fellowship Won 34% during this year alone to offer during difficult times. Kim Chang-Han also confirmed that Krafton was working on a lively show that will be uploaded to streaming services and a web cartoon.

Are you looking forward to discovering another title in the Pubg Universe or are you more interested in the Callisto protocol and the next web cartoon? Let us know in the comments below!

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