111 percent subsidiary rich alien establishment

Kim Kang-woo (born July 11, 1978) is a South Korean star. He is best known from his roles in The Preference of Cash as well as The Missing out on.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] 111 percent (Representative Kim Kang) announced that it was established a subsidiary Rich Alien (Rich Alien) announced 30 days.

Rich Alien was established for developing casual games such as overseas renowned animation and webtoon IP-based games from social arcade genres. Especially, it is the main purpose of combining renowned IP on a unique game that is developed in 111 percent.

The representative of the Ilii, Rich, was elected Choi Sung Wook, which joined the 111 percent business strategy last year. Choi, Sung Wook is a game business team leader in Cacao and has succeeded in the Messenger-based game channeling service and has served as a general cooperation and business overall in line Games.

What is Shadowverse?
Choi Sung-wook Richi Eilian representative Rich Alien establishment combines renowned IP on a validated game of 111 percent and a broader portfolio to a broader portfolio, said the first attempt to reach more public in a broader portfolio I will give a different fun with a unique emotion game.

Meanwhile, Rich Alien has recently signed the IP Licensing Agreement for the famous Japanese comic ‘Gamblock Kaikai’. The Kaii is a cartoon that holds up to 30 million reads around the world, with the 25th anniversary of this year. Through this Agreement, Richi Alien has secured the right to develop games that utilizes Gambling Caseki IP.