With the idea that you have to make a game that the whole family can do

[Data provided: Pulse Bis]

Pulse (CEO) has released a game overview video of new (DokeV).

The overview video explained the production intent of Kim Dae-il, Kim Dae-il, Kim Dae-young’s lead producer and Namwon game designer.

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Kim Dae-il General Producer said, I have started to develop as an idea to make a game that adventure with the goblins with a game that the whole family can do. I have explained the background of the production, will be a exciting game He emphasized. He also refers to the Omaz for the ‘Ghost Bus Tuss’ film, which was a child, and said, If you harmonize the Open World Action Adventure feature well, you will notice a different game.

Kim Sang Young Lead Producer said, <The Buddhist Wanting is a development as a dad, he wants to create a game like a child, he said, I want to laugh with the children, and I want to be a loved game to many people, he said.

The Marking Game Designer introduced the actionability of . The battle scene was trying to make it popularly while taking the action style of Pearl Abys, he said, he said, he said, he has been developing to play with the enemy with the enemy.

is a ‘Creature-Collecting Open World Action-Adventure’ game (Creature-Collecting Open World Action-Adventure) ‘(Creature-Collecting Open World Action-Adventure)’ game that enables the main character to find the adventure that leaves the goblins. The player is a story of and can meet and collect various roads. In this process, special events associated with the wonders are generated and the unique story can be obtained while proceeding.

Since the new game play trailer has been released, he has been popular from global gamers. Detailed information on the goblins can be found through the official website.