El Shadai STEAM version will be delivered to that quote will revive to the usual sum Mr Takeshi Bamboo is also a fully version

Action game that has become a spectics that has become a spectics that is a line that is a line that is okay with such an equipment? Isn’t it all right, El Shadai. The Metatron ) STEAM version has been delivered.

This work is the origin of the action game 3D jump action, 3D battle, 2D action 2D battle, and brought up and creates the latest technology at the time of 2011 It is a game

In the STEAM version, in addition to the English audio, French, Italian, German-Spanish, the story after clearing is the bonus novel -Rucifer’s -ceta-set (Ver.steam) is included. Soundtracks and art books are also sold.

# Continues to change constantly, visuals without getting bored

Keywords are the world that continues to change and A screen that everyone likes. Visual expressions such as paintings, design, world view-The visual that continues to change as if they are alive is innovative and creative, but also feel nostalgic while being innovative and creative.

# Easy operation, experience powerful action!

The button used is only four types of attack, jump, defense, and weapon robbery. Easy operation that anyone can do, such as manuals. Still, the back of the game is deep, timing, simultaneously pressing, delays, continuous strike, and various input methods are created in various input methods. Easy but deeper game.

Tokyo Games Show 2010 won the Japanese Game Grand Prize Future Division. In addition, it is the original title of the 2011 expectation, which is a topic of the 2011 expectation, which is a topic of each area, such as the character line of the character that appears in the game has won the Net Exhamptial Lord Award 2010 gold award.

STEAM version El Shadai that feels a slight time slip feeling in the second half of the summary statement is delivered for normal price 3,980 yen (19% off until September 9). The bundle version Deluxe Pack with the aforementioned artbook and soundtrack is also on sale at regular price 7,880 yen (45% off until September 16).

In addition, Mr. Sasa Takeshi, who was involved in this work as director and character designer, is delighted the top of STEAM sales rankings, and shows the motivation to the full version.

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