It s also a round too Sudden Attack Add a Kim Yeon kyung Character

The Attack on Titan manga as well as anime series feature a comprehensive actors of imaginary characters produced by Hajime Isayama. The tale is embeded in a globe where humanity stays in cities surrounded by massive wall surfaces; a defense against the Titans, big humanoids that eat people relatively without reason. The story initially centers on Eren Yeager with his youth close friends Mikasa Ackerman and also Armin Arlert, who sign up with the army to fight the Titans after their home town is gotten into and Eren’s mom is eaten. They belong to the 104th Training Corps, whose graduates think different placements in the Armed force, including the Fort Regiment, the Study Corps and also the Military Authorities Brigade. It is later disclosed that the location where the Walls are situated is called Paradis (パラディ, Paradi) which it is the last region of Eldia (エルディア, Erudia). There are other countries outside the walls, namely Marley (マーレ, Māre) which has actually penetrated Paradis with its Titan Shifters.

Nexon has released the volleyball of the Volume ‘Sudden Attack’ in the popular online FPS game.

Global volleyball star Kim Yeon-kyung has emerged as a new character in the attacking attack with a new character. With a Kim Yeon-kyung character, you can enjoy a unique character set of Kim Yeon-kyung, such as ‘Throw Taegeuk Volleyball’ and ‘G700 Bread’, and Kim Yeon-kyung, with a charm full of voice.

If you activate a Kim Yeon-kyung character set for more than 7 days, the ‘Collection of the Collection of the Month of the Month of the Month of the Collection of’ Sealed Items’ and ‘Character Pritting’ will be held until September 30. In addition, when the character retention period is achieved by the ‘발 경 김 김 김 김 김 김 김,,,, 김, 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 지 The special events to present are carried out by September 16.

In addition to this, you can replace the Kim Yeon-kyung Mouse Pad as a Kim Yeon Kyung Mouse Pad, and you can apply to instant winning events such as ‘signing uniform’. In addition, the ‘Sudden Attack’ cheer message is made with the blog and SNS to write a post on the SNS to pay attention to Nexon Cache, ‘Catten Mouse Pad’.

For more information on updating the Kim Yeon-kyung character of ‘Sudden Attack’, you can see on the official homepage of the ‘Sudden Attack’.