Neowiz PC game 2 Indie Game Festival Bit Smit Participated

Neowiz (a joint representative, Kim Seung-chul), a PC game that is served by the two PC games to participate in the Bitsummit) in the Indie Game Show.

‘Bit Smit’ is a global indigo game festival that is held in Kyoto, Japan every year, and will be held online and offline from September 2 to 3, from September 2 to 3.

Neowiz is called ‘Blade Assault’, ‘Sannabi’ Indie Games 2 paper exhibits, participating online. Battered pages are held in steam for indie games participating in game show during the event. On that page, you can see the various updates of the indicator.

‘Blade Assault’ has been informed of August, with new character drops with new characters, and the system improvements such as inorganic remodeling and core systems. ‘Banabi’ provides a demonstration version during the event. In particular, you can experience the ‘speed lens’ mode that has been added since the last first private test.

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