S O S State of Survival in the first anniversary Kim Jong Kook

[Kings Group] Kings Group announced on March 3, commemorating the first anniversary of the Mobile Games ‘S.O.S: State of Survival’ Korean Services, and the singer Kim Jong Kook was selected as a promotional model to announce its large update.

The company explained that it was noteworthy of the image and popularity of Kim Jong Kook, which gained popularity. Kim Jong Kook was scheduled for recent years, S.O.S: State of Survival PR and will be released for the later time.

Kings Group!!! STRIKE!!!

Kings Group plans to focus on the first anniversary of the Korea Services, a large update, and focuses on the expansion of users. New Legendary Rating Heroes’ Becca (BECCA) and the new hero ‘Nanami’ was released on the start of the Japanese service in August 26.

Korea Services One-year-old dictionary registration events. After you connect to a pre-registration page, you can get 200 boxes with a legendary rating heroes and a game resource.