Play Weed Line Online New Race Essir Video Disclosure

Play Weed (Representative Kim Hak-joon) announced on September, as a new online MMORPG on September,

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The video released through the official homepage and YouTube, which is a new race that appears in six years, and it was a powerful skill, which is a new race, which is a powerful skill, and it was approximately 15 seconds to finish changes.

The representative image that was released with this shows the appearance of the male and female character character of the Esyr race. The Esyr ethnic group ranges the battlefield in the Mace or X, which is a state in the battle and conquer, and rule the battlefield to the courageous,

The representative image shows the provincial appearance of Emblem and Wisper’s former character. In the case of emblems, it has the ability to make the entire party member faster and stronger when monster attacks on PVE. And the Wisper shows a strong aspect when using X-based weapons to PVP or battle.

The video and images released in a variety of ways to increase expectations for new ethnic groups that emerge online. It will be possible to pre-experience prior to formal updates in the future.

Play Weed Park Seung-joon said, We will be launched as a charming tribe in a new race, and I will be released, and I have a compensation for the users who participated in the pre-reservation, and I hope to participate and expect.