Devs Sisters Cookie Run King the first day of release the first day of the App Store 3rd

Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jong-il) 6th Mobile RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom said that the Japanese service was only on the 5th Japanese Apple App Store’s popular game.

13 Types of Mobile Gamers

Devs Sisters has analyzed that this grades have emerged as the popularity of the Kingdom of Kooking: King of Cookie Runs: Kuki Runs: Kook Run: King of Cookie Runs:

TV advertising images exposed from this month are cookie run: Kingdom official YouTube channels are available on the channel and are also interested online. Increase the popularity of Japanese famous models and actor Ikeda Elija, simulating addictive music and attractive cookies to captivate the game users’ eyes and ears.

In addition, it also utilizes a variety of materials and enhances the attention to the preview version of the animated version that utilizes the highest game trailer and the current attention to the priest version of the cubes.

On the second day, on the second day, through the update, the Japanese famous voice worship applied the voice content that acted across the cookie voice to add a voice, adherence to the life of the character, adding immersive sense, and received a favorable for Japanese users. In the Japanese brave cookies, the Japanese brave cookie, from August, since the last August, the poorly related content of the public, was more than 40,000 good and more than 3,000 retweets.

Cookie runs from the beginning of Japan and the positive flow of the positive flow: Kingdom plans to expand colorful activities such as video and outdoor advertisement, webtoon, animation, and SNS promotion, and plans to expand local awareness and sales performance.