Grams Marittle Chef Cold Cottage House Content Update

Grams (Representative Kim Ji-in) said it has updated the 43th theme restaurant cold cottage in the 7th Mobile Cooking Simulation Game Myrtle Chef.

The Cold Haus is a restaurant that can meet the cuisine of Pyongyang Cold Cylon. It is possible to meet the dumplings of Miyami, which is the sides of Pyongyang Cold and the side menu,

Gestal PMP is First of all, I can unfold, but if I have a strong addictive than any food, I can not get out of the charm of a cold canta restaurant that I can not escape, I said.

In addition, the special promotional Pyongyang cold-core gomewear event, which is a thin film granny, celebrates the opening of the cold-cantic dining content content. I will always try to be a more fun and pleasant global cuisine simulation game, he added.