Like a smartphone everyday Metabus Core technology is edge

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Metabus is a part of life without a newer as a smartphone. I have a new business in a few years, and I will be a new business. In this reality, I accelerate the Edge platform to support the Internet environment, Stabilization, security will play a very important role.

Kim Doo-gyun said, Advanced Computing Conference + 2021 (ACC + 2021), which Judinnet Korea is held online on the 7th, and said.

Kim Dyeong-gyun prospect the Metabus, which combines technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D (3D), and provides a metabus to provide a real space. He is an observational that it will be a metaverse, such as education, content, shopping, health care, and other metabus-based services, as the metaverse based service is gradually appeared.

Kim, Jae-jang said, There is an opinion in the SF movie on the SF movie on metaverse-related prospects, and it was recognized as a false sound of 20 years ago, said the e-commerce industry trend is rapidly rapidly Like the changed, it seemed to have been nothing left until the technology that could experience it as a shopping shop by visiting the shop directly in the online space.

There is a condition required to spread like this prospect of the metabus. The entire user’s Internet quality should be guaranteed at a certain level. Beyond the connection in the communication network, the edge platform was noted as a technical means to enhance the quality of the entire Internet.

The edge platform is simply as present as the content transmission network (CDN) cache server or web firewall, and it can be used as a technique optimized for high-speed operation required by the meta bus, and the technology required for dynamic content production and delivery.

The true meaning of the edge is not only near the user, but it is not only possible to exist, but also the same Internet quality, said, I saw the most excellent company’s role of the most excellent company.

Prior to the arrival of the metabus era, three of the technical requirements that the edge platform should be supported in three ways.

First, the enormous data must be transmitted smoothly. For example, in the case of a movie, it will be possible to be able to appreciate the work produced in the metaverse space as a video data that supports 360 degree screens, not current planar video data. As the amount of information that the data required by the existing movie contrast data is significantly increased, the data size of the distribution becomes large.

The stability of communication is also an important factor. Even if a realistic content is fabricated, when a communication delay occurs in the process of receiving the user, the quality of the feeling is lowered. This is, especially a description that is a condition that can not be achieved by cloud and data center-based communication without edge platform.

Security is also a prerequisite. It is that it should be able to guarantee privacy and accurate user authentication as the act in reality, such as identity certification, payment is supported in virtual space. Kim, Jae-jang said, In August, the meta bus platform, a metaverse platform, has invaded a hacker, and an accident to publish selected images and racial messages, said Kim, said Kim, chairman, said Kimbang, said Kim, said Kim, chairman, said Kim, chairman of the Metropolitan Government I need to take action to stop collecting acts.

Akamai can implement a stable and faster service than before, Akamai can implement a stable and faster service than the edge platform, said Kim, chairman, Akamai can implement a stable and faster service, which can be implemented more stable and fast service without worrying about extending the infrastructure vertically and horizontally with edge computing using each edge server. There is a advantage of being easy to disperse and block attacks in defending Distributed Denial (DDoS) attacks.