Sunday Tose Anifang 3 competitive event Ari Fashion King open

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Sunday Tose (Representative Kim Jung-seop) showed a new event ‘Ari Fashion King’ on mobile game ‘Anifang 3’ on the 8th.

Ari’s Fashion King is an event that conducts the ranking competition of the user’s ranking competition in the fashion contest as a model as a model. With a ticket obtained by puzzle play, you can take advantage of other users with the fashion score of the Costume to collect Costume. It will proceed to 15 days.

A variety of pose of the audit of the Anifang character that appears as a judging committee, the various poses of the pose and the various poses of the characters, and the production is expected to construct an animated style. In addition, Ari’s Fashion Wang event, which introduces 48 kinds of costumes such as a role, weather caster, and photographer, including a space, Heart Great, etc.

Park Sung Bin Sunday Tose, said, We will expand the benefits and enjoyment of users as well as players with the game as well as the industry with a solid configuration. I planned to go.