Devs Sisters Cookie Runs Kingdom Japanese Viral Marketing

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[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-il) announced on September 9 that the Mobile Games ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ was conducted on the Japanese social platform.

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Cookie Run on the first place in the first place in the Japanese voice content through the update on the 2nd day of the last 2 days and the local Apple App Store game on the top of the 4th day. I have developed.

Cookie Runs: I opened a dance challenge that anyone can participate in a kingdom filter and a theme song. It is a company side explanation that the accumulated views were recorded as active participation in several influenza and public aggressive participation. On YouTube and Mirror, the game infloves that have up to $ 1 million subscribers have been able to live and stream the content that plays and reviews the contents to play with the Kingdom.

On the other hand, Devs Sisters began its large-scale outdoor ads from last 4 days. Tokyo’s downtown, Shibuya Hachiko Square, has been screened on the fifteenth in the Large signboard in the Squadron, and installed 20 large outdoor ads in 17 subway stations in Tokyo. Subway and bus visual advertisement also introduces a wrapping truck advertisement that is introduced by introducing the flood population in Tokyo.

From the beginning of the Japanese massive marketing activity, we broadcasted TV advertisements for Japanese famous actor and model Ikeda Elija, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said. .