IGume dong Korea Foot Interlayer Noise

This week’s game stock was a year-round. There are several factors affecting stocks, but many of them are notable of them are Chinese government game regulations. The Chinese government has recently enhanced the general regulation of culture, including the game of ‘Youth Protection’.

Of course, the Korean game company is not directly affected by the Chinese government policy, but it is an indirect aftermath because China’s share is high in overseas sales. According to the 2020 game white paper published by Korea Content Promotion Agency, the proportion of Chinese in the entire export of the game in 2019 was 40.6% (30.8%). Since 2017, the ruling is not exhausted, and the Chinese dependence is higher in the situation where export roads are clogged. Therefore, the domestic game industry is a national game industry. When compared to apartments, the Korean game company is suffering from Chinese foot interlayer sound.

About this, the Games Mecca readers have had a comment that needs to change in the domestic industry with high Chinese dependence. Game Mecca ID Gamera The industry will not be able to choose a new strategy due to the regulation of important markets, I think it would be necessary to take a new strategy. . Game Mecca ID MEATH is also wondering how game users respond to future. I would like to look at the international market, and I would not see the via’s survival strategy of the game to be able to see the number of people.

Risk dispersion, which reduces dependence on certain markets, even if it is not in fact regulation, is also a homework that the industry should be solved. Games Mecca ID No – Non-Body He kills the game market. I thought that my country, which was regulated a few years ago. In addition, the Korean Games Company may not be called to issue Chinese pans.

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If the Chinese dependence is lowered, the influence of local regulations will be reduced if the Chinese dependence is low enough to avoid the neck. Of course, China is large, and there is a large number of domestic game success stories, which is a market that can not give up. However, like the story of ‘do not in a basket of eggs’, you will be able to broaden the resistance to external issues to broaden the flagship market in many ways. As much as various attempts have already been done, we will send a voice of cheering.

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