Deathloop The next hit of the Arcane Studios International test ratings in the overview

Tomorrow Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the shooter Deathloop developed by the Arcane Studios ( Dishonored , Prey ) is published for the PC and the PlayStation 5.

Suitable for tomorrow’s release today the review embargo fell and the international magazines finally had the opportunity to bring their impressions under the players. How a look at the reviews is illustrated, the Arcane studios with Deathloop delivered their next hit. Accordingly, Deathloop scores both with its fresh ideas as well as technical and playful implementation.

The conclusion of PlayStation Universe (10/10) states, for example: Deathloop is not only one of the conceptually ambitious and best implemented games of all time, but Arcane Playstation swan singing also has a boundless energy and ingenuity that can not reach another game . Quite simply, Deathloop is an unprecedented synergy from ego shooter design, explorative happiness and narrative complexity, which we probably will not see very long.

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The editors of Thesixthaxis also award the highest rating and lead: Deathloop is the kind of game that comes to your head and stay there, even if you do not play. Colt is a great protagonist, the complicated surrounding design is a dream for exploring and the loop system keeps things fresh and offers so much replayability. Just said, Deathloop is fantastic.

In a similar horn the gamer blows: Deathloop feels like the first bite in a cheesecake, after being stranded on a lonely island and lives from algae for six months. In a sea of ​​shotgun-widespread triple-a-games, which are only too well known, Deathloop is a precise 50. CAL ball of originality directly through its eye socket.

Here are further testing valves and reviews in the overview.

Deathloop: International test ratings in the overview

PlayStation Universe – 100
The Sixthaxis – 100
Thegamer – 100
Videogames Chronicle – 100
Gamespot – 100
PlayStation Lifestyle – 95
Gamerant – 90
GamesRadar – 90
Shacknews – 90
ComicBook – 90
Easy allies – 80

The complete overview of all relevant reviews can be found like at metacritic .

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