Deathloop How to easily kill Harriet

After playing the Tutorial and the Deathloop opening sequence, you can travel Blackreef and end the visionaries to your liking. In some cases, you will do this several times to acquire your skills and slab improvements, as well as to cultivate useful trinkets and residues. Here is How to kill Harriet easily in Deathloop If she is looking for a quick and easy way to grow her Nexus panel from her.

How to easily kill Harriet in Deathloop

Harriet is the first visionary that you probably killed in Deathloop, and she is also the first visionary that you will kill even once you find out how to finish with eight in a day. The location of it in Karls Bay is still the same throughout the game, so learning to get it quickly and silently make your life much easier.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of a method that works even without slabs, although it is much easier and fast with Aether (invisibility) and SHIFT (teleportation):

From the tunnels, go to the right, then jump over the jumble and the wall on the cliffs along the shore. It eliminates the two eternalists with a demolition, then continues to the metal bridge. Go immediately to the right and jump from the cliff towards the shore, then go stealthily through the eternal, using the containers as a coverage. You can go ahead and access Hanger 1 through an underground ventilation duct, or simply can be sneaked, surrounding the eternalists and directed to the passage that leads to Hanger 2.

Underground via hanger 1

By the way, you can also access Hanger 2 through a similar underground ventilation duct, but you will need a trinket that allows you to breathe poisonous vapors without damage.

Main entrance to Hanger 2

Whatever the route you take in Hanger 2, once you enter, embrace the right side and surge

Once under the door, use your double jump to climb to Harriet’s office and behind her. You can easily remove the two Eternalists before Harriet itself. Once it is below, you can go out through a door at the back of the room (it requires pressing a button) or returning along the path through which it came; Just remember that the Eternalists will be attentive to your presence. Of course, you can wait until the end of her speech and kill her without awakening her suspicions.

That’s all you need to know How to kill Harriet easily in Deathloop . To get more useful tips and tricks about the game, be sure to consult the kill Harriet guide wiki.

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