How to save in Deathloop

In Deathloop some rogue similar elements will be important to save your progress. It is not entirely clear when and where you can save your game in Deathloop. In this guide, we tell you how the storage system in Deathloop works so you do not lose your progress unexpected.

Deathloop To save

Automatic save when entering or leaving a mission
Automatic save when you change your loadouts

The storage system in Deathloop works like many other modern games. Deathloop uses an autosave feature. There is actually no way to manually save your game, and if you advance far enough in a level, your progress is marked by checkpoints in every area. In the tooltips of the game states, Deathloop automatically save your progress when you enter missions and exits to and changing your loadout.

So if you want to save your progress, you can just do one of these things to a Save the game to force manually. This auto-save is triggered by itself. As long as you do not turn off your system too early, progress should be saved if you return to the game.

The storage system in Deathloop is pretty simple. just do not look for a manual save option.

Resume your game on PlayStation

go to Home screen – Essentially, if you are on a mission and go on the PlayStation to the home screen, the game on the site is stored and can be continued

In Hibernate mode – When you switch to load your game on PlayStation in sleep mode, you will continue where you left off during a mission

Open a new game or a new app – game will be started from the title screen loaded mission must be new, progress will be lost.

off PlayStation or restart – Loading game from the title screen Mission must be restarted


This is to store everything you need to know about your game in Deathloop.