Today Boycube in the history of the Boy the magical purple cube of Nintendo hopes

Today is September 14, 2021, can you still remember what day is it last year? Yesterday, it was the sale of Nintendo’s signature Boy Super Mario Bros) for sale 36 years! (This is available on September 13, 1985)

Since September 14th, the next day, July, for Nintendo, it is another hard-working anniversary. In 2001, the time is 20 years ago, Nintendo has been divided by Sony and Microsa melon. The layout, special introduction to a Boy host that emphasizes pure play .

This purple, the shape is being a bit cute host, its name is Boycube .

At the beginning, he was also looking for Suzuki, who was fighting in the MLB Seattle Sailor Team, helped to promote his own Boy host. At the time, Nintendo was still the major shareholder of the sailor team, and the share was sold in 2016.

break the traditional thinking new host without more functions

N64 launched in 1996, although there is 64-bit powerful hardware momentum, but lacks of the third plant Boy, people still don’t lose the PlayStation of Sony, plus subsequent sega launched Dreamcast, Sony also announced PS2 Planner, Nintendo naturally has to quickly speed up the new host, in order not to fall. In March 1999, after Sony publicly opened the new host PS2’s true face, Nintendo also announced a new host development plan Dolphin in May of the same year, and later it was named BoyCUBE (GC).

Interpretation: Q , Q made by Panasonic, in addition to playing Boys, but also has a DVD multimedia play function (with an attached remote control), but the price is too much.

At the time, he felt that other opponents were desperately matched on the mainframes. They believed that the host is the most important thing to match the Boy. Excessive hardware specifications will cause Boy development vendors to invest more costs to make Boys, and bear the increasing The bigger the architecture of the GC host itself, allows the Boy development to develop more fast, save more costs, thereby attracting more third vendors to develop Boys, avoiding the problem of N64 in the Boy Single Single.

For the player, Boycube is a very different host, first served as the card with the interpose of the cassette, changed the disc (although 8 cm CD), the initial model uses purple as the main vision, red, gray Different, the host is very small, and there is a hand to mention, although there is no multimedia play function like other hosts, but it feels quite fresh and special, like a cute toy.

The Boy at the beginning of the host also concludes that the GC has the ability to have the ability of the GC, such as the light and shadow effect of Louis Jihuang Building (also known as Lu Yi House), and CAPCOM is a super fineness in the revivement of the revitalization of the Evil Fort. Image, etc., when the players were amazed at the time.

有 有 游戏 游戏 游戏 爱 爱 爱 最 最 爱

Friends who like to play the Nintendo Star in Heaven, you should know Which one hand or a rocker, the answer is the answer to play the big chaos? The answer is Boycube. Hand handling controller.

Nintendo’s three-handle handled in N64 host, which has made many people to fall below the glasses, especially the 3D class than the rocker setting, and to the Boycube era, Nintendo is more than the 3D class, when doing the main manipulation, The twelfth button that came to be proud, but it became a fairy.

On the button configuration, the big A button is almost used to handle the operation of many Boys, surrounding the X, Y, B next to it, and the two buttons of the two buttons are better, and There is a clear paragraph drop, and it is also secretly hidden in the upper right side. In fact, in the current point of view, it was approximated that this hand has been considered and the current Switch Pro hand.

Going back, I started the part of the big chaos, and everyone recognized that the GC hand was the most suitable for use to play big chaos, that is, the class of GC hand is very good than the rocker, moderate, driving The need for the thumb is very good, and the round block around it is octagonal. The direction paragraph is obvious, and the moving movement of some roles can be more accurate (such as Pikachi’s electro-optic light), will not put a gun error. Moreover, the material is very durable, the crosshaft configuration makes the player will not incorporate (the trunker is showing off in the Boy.

与 与 自 上 主 上 主 主

In the past, he is a supernatural, and N64, you have functions that can be interacted with their own palm hosts. For example, Super Boy Boy , N64 has an adapter, which can record the card with Boy Boy The data is transferred to the N64 Boy.

Since the GC host has an expansion interface at the bottom, it will not waste it, in 2003, he launched the Boy Boy Player similar to the Boy Boy Player , you can Boy Boy Advance (referred to as the House Boy Boy Advance GBA’s Boy is played onto the GC host (and also corresponds to GBC and GB cassette), and also supports the GBA host to the front. Let the player can play with the GBA host, and return home to play with GC through the big screen TV. It is quite a concept of Switch. The Q models of Panasonic mentioned above also have their dedicated Boy Boy Player.

Boy Boy Player The TV publicity advertising film, through the bottom of the external device, you can put the GBA, GBC, and GB’s Boys, and the Boy. It is quite attractive.

Introduction time, lack of third manufacturers unable to shake PS2 status

Although from the GC host, you can see that heaven does have a different thinking and change in many places, but the real world’s Boy market is very cruel. When GC is launched, the opponent Sony’s PS2 has been more than 10 million Taiwan, plus the PS2 adopts the mainstream DVD specification, and also has the functions of multimedia players, as well as support for a number of third manufacturers, wants to spend sales with it, and Nintendo will have to take a greater cause.

What it feels like to play Ring of Elysium in 2021

However, from the sales situation, it is clear that there is no torsion situation. Nintendo attempt to use pure entertainment to retrieve players’ practices, and there is no substance to reflect on the mainframe sales, and several starting Boys have no success. To buy the air, even if CAPCOM is announced by three truths, the new work of the Evil Fort series will be sold exclusive. But in the end, it is in the sales volume, or it is still necessary to be ported to other platforms. Some vendors look at GC sales is not good, and they only dare to introduce Boys across platforms, but they don’t dare to only let GC exclusive.

Nintendo is watching the GC or changed the market layout. Even Microsoft Xbox, which added the Boy battlefield, also wins (XBOX final sales have 24 million units), know that he will fight with these strong opponents, absolutely no win, must be different The new battlefield is aimed at the new property. In June 2004, there was a new host development plan, known as revolution , which is the Wii of the labeling of the main players in December 2006.

The emergence of Wii represents BoyCUBE’s retreat time. In 2007, Boycube was discontinued, and the total selling approximately 21.74 million units worldwide, and the local local local is about 40,400, which is even lower than N64. Later, Wii, retained the ability to compatible GC, so that players were seamlessly labeled, BoyCUBE was officially handed over.