Era of Newborns from this game we advise you to stay away

Steam Game Department MMO has granted a new position – Era of Newborns.

This is a network Survival (of course with Massively Multiplayer Online elements), which boasts a huge world with an area of ​​100 km2, a post-complex climate with Sci-Fi environments and an extensive form.

Unfortunately, this positives end. Era of Newborns looks terribly: poor graphics, an interface from Painta and a gameplay that does not stand out like a special competitors.

It also confirms the first ratings ( only 9% of positive reviews ), which underlines the film’s disability or lack of basic systems. Some do not bite into language and openly call Era of Newborns Scam or Jump to the cash register .

This is because for this outstanding unfinished product, the creators of Era of Newborns wish you money – 72 PLN for a standard copy.

Perhaps for a while Era of Newborns will come out in a simple (if he is not deleted earlier), but for now we advise you to stay away from this title. It’s strange that Valve let such a thing for his platform.

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https: //store.steampowed.com/app/991740/era of newborns