NHN Employee Auction Revenue Region

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[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] A 15-day announced that NHN (Representative Jung Woo-jin) donated the full year of auctioned proceeds to the community to the community.

NHN recently donated the asset auction ‘Mai Osan’ campaign for the in-house employees to establish a donation of 60 million won, and through this, we donated 500 of a set of 10 kg of rice (10kg) and 10 kg of rice (10kg).

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NHN Mai Osan is an in-house campaign that has been in a reasonable price instead of selling PCs, monitors, and stands that have been used to sell. In Mai Osan, which has been donated for donation, 350 employees participated in Maoh, and a total of 395 assets such as PCs and monitors and stands were sold.

Lee Seung-chan, NHN Human Resources, Director of the Secretary of Technology, said, I am pleased to convey a little heart to those who are having difficulties around the donation campaign with our employees. I will try to continue activities steadily.