Review of Deathloop Elegant inventive and different from everything else

Although I have always respected the Developer Arkane Studios, the company has never created experiences that I have worshiped completely. This combined with the notion that much of what I had seen from deathloop before the launch I found it obtuse and cumbersome, which made me a little unsure about how it would be. However, after playing the finished game, Deathloop is, by far, one of the best games I have played in 2021. Not only offers a different experience to any other one that is happening to me, but it is full to the edge Stylish and charm, while maintaining Arkane’s inclination for level design. intact.

DEATHLOOP has a unique format that places you in control of two different characters: Colt and Julianna. For most of the experience, you will be on Colt’s skin, which is continuously wakes up every morning on the coasts of an island called Blackreef. Colt, along with all the others on the island, are trapped in a temporary loop in which the same day is repeated again and again. While almost everyone on the island enjoy repeating this same day, Colt wants to get out of it. To that end, he discovers that he has to kill all the visionaries , which are essentially those who created the time cycle in Blackreef, to break this cycle. In turn, Julianna wants to stop Colt and kill him, making sure the loop continues incessantly.

When it comes to seeing the story until the end, almost all the main narrative Late in Deathloop are found in the Colt game section. On the contrary, Julianna is played more like a multiplayer game. By controlling it, you will invade the ongoing session of another player with the aim of killing him. It is a little similar to the Dark Souls series on how you can immerse yourself in the worlds of other players to simply prevent your current progress. In turn, Julianna has her own skills, weapons and other features that you can unlock along with a series of challenges and objectives that are related to killing Colt.

For the most part, I really only found that Colt’s gameplay was the pleasant part of deathloop . Playing as Julianna can be fun in her way, but I often find that the PVP aspect of the game is quite trite. Part of this is because each of the four main areas in Deathloop are too large for this PVP game style. There were times when I invade a certain player just to run as Julianna for a good five to ten minutes without ever finding where you could find the Colt that he was hunting. In a general sense, I think this format can be a fun cat and mouse game, but it probably works better when players you are invading are friends instead of unknown players.

Despite these scruples with the Julianna section of Deathloop , the real reason you want to choose this game comes with everything you find when you play like Colt. The main offer of the game is one to which Arkane affects affectionately as a murder riddle, and that is, sincerely, the best descriptor that occurs to me. To break the cycle of time, Colt has to find a way to kill the eight visionaries in Blackreef in a single day. Unfortunately, each of the eight objectives is kidnapped in different parts of the island, which means that there is no way to kill them all one by one before the day restarts and returns them to life.

This means that much of what you have to do in deathloop result in a serious detective job. While you will participate in many shootings with enemies and you will have a series of great skills to use (many of which will be familiar for those who have played Dishonored Games), deathloop is more to collect information and discover how to put these visionaries in The same places at the same time so you can create an efficient path to kill them all.

For example, a discovery that you will make implies a love story between two of the visionaries of the island. You will learn that every day, at a certain time, are found in a certain section of Blackreef for, well, it already understands. After figuring out how to get access to your love lair, you can proceed to tear down both at once, which gives you more time to tear down the other remaining visionaries on your murder list.

This process of discovering new information related to each visionary slowly over time is the aspect of deathloop that I found myself loving more than anything else in the game. It reminds me enough to a title as a doghouse of the work dinn , where you have to slowly rebuild everything that happens around you so you can discover the background story. The information is your best weapon in deathloop and the process of discovering it all little by little is very convincing.

Learning more about each game character is also where most deathloop’s narration comes from. Although Colt and Julianna are the central part of the narrative, and both have a unique relationship with each other, much of the characterization and writing in the game shines. As you begin to familiarize yourself with the objectives that you are really looking to kill. Each of the eight visionaries is well developed and has its own personalities, talents and obsessions. Learning more about each character makes it even more satisfactory when you end up knocking them down.

Outside this general game loop, DEATHLOOP is also full of many other impressive features. As mentioned above, one of the outstanding in this sense becomes the design of levels. Arkane has always been synonymous with creation levels that give players a multitude of options when it comes to the game and that remains true in deathloop . However, what might be more impressive about Arkane’s last exit is that EATHLOOP in general, it is not a very important game. There are only four main locations in the game for the players to explore, which does not seem much compared to the previous titles of the study. However, it is the great amount of depth offered by each area that disconcerted me.

What is even more impressive is that Arkane has come to where each of the four places in deathloop changes quite depending on the time of day you can visit. Specifically, every day in the game inside DEATHLOOP is segregated in four periods of time: tomorrow, noon, afternoon and night. Then, if you visit FRISTAD ROCK in the morning, for example, there are certain areas that will not be open or accessible compared to whether it were in the afternoon, and vice versa. This makes almost all locations feel fresh in some way as the game progresses because you will often not visit the same levels at the same time of day very often.

When it comes to the actual act of playing DEATHLOOP , most of the game mechanics that are here are the ones that players expect from the developer. As mentioned above, there are many points in common between DEATHLOOP and what was seen in the Dishonored series. Certain skills such as teleportation and linking enemies so that you can knock them down from a single blow back here, of what I do not complain in the least.

The great change, especially compared to Deshonrado and its sequel, is that weapons are the main way in which you will seek to participate in combat. Generally, these weapons simply do the work, but otherwise they are not too special. Most of what Colt and Julianna can use include the usual variety of pistols, machine guns, shotguns, etc. None of the weapons, even the most singular, called me a lot of attention when playing, which is not necessarily a bad thing. They are only the means by which you are looking to kill enemies and nothing more.

If there is a persistent problem that I had with deathloop , they are the various errors and other random problems that I found with a certain regularity. A problem that I had more than a couple of times was to cut out the environment, which became quite annoying. In one case, I found myself changing to a section of the world that I could not leave. As a result, I had to go back completely to the main menu, which made me lose all the progress I had made in that execution. My game also returned completely to the PS5 board once or twice, which I found pretty frustrating. If Arkane can solve some of these discomfort after release, deathloop will be a much better game as a result.

Considering everything, Deathloop is my biggest surprise of the year. While it could be expected that Arkane created another high quality experience, personally I am amazed at how much attention has caught the last launch of the study. Even though it may have a lot of common DNA with what Arkane has done before, the large amount of style and inventiveness that can be found in Deathloop makes it highlight enormously in a crowded video game market. If you are looking for something completely different compared to everything else that was launched this year, deathloop is absolutely worth missing.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 DEATHLOOP is scheduled to launch on September 14 and will arrive at PlayStation 5 and PC. The editor provided a game code for the purposes of this review and was reviewed on PS5.