2021 Tutorial Kim Jung joo Nexon Founding Focus Summon

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Kim Jung-joo Nexon Corporation is summoned to the Fair Trade Committee Certified Audit this year. It is due to the controversy over ‘Maple Story’ in the early year.

According to the State Committee on the 16th, the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party was applied as a witness to the Democratic Party of Nexon Changwon and Gangwon-ji. The reason for application to the witness is noted as the probability of the flame item of the benefit of the maple story .

[FEH] Obstruct is Fair and Balanced

Maple Story has been suspicion that Nexon has been manipulated by the ‘reincarnation of the flame’ item, which can reset the options of the equipment items, etc., as a PC online game that is being service. When the controversy spread, Nexon was repeatedly apologized and has prepared a countermeasures that it was revealed to reveal various probability information of all the games that are served as Maple Story.

Meanwhile, the government will conduct major institutional audits such as the Fair Trade Commission, the 6th Finance Committee, and the 7th Fine Females.