Deathloop complaints about bad PC

A performance is an act of staging or offering a play, concert, or other kind of enjoyment. It is likewise defined as the activity or process of accomplishing or accomplishing an activity, task, or feature.


Many PC players are little excited about Deathloop – not from content, but from the performance of the game.

Deathloop is a damn good game. In the test, we had a correspondingly high rating. Other critics are mostly excited about the action game from Arcane. On Metacriti, both the PS5 and PC version have a value of 88. However, many of the normal players are less satisfied. Even the PS5 version has only a user score of 5.0 on Metacritic, but even more clearly the PC variant. That’s just 3.3. In addition, the reviews come on Steam, which are only balanced (just 67 percent are positive). The main reason for this seems to be the performance.

Various users write that Deathloop is not good on your computer. For example, it says that a player himself with a GeForce RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 5 5600x image stuttering and proper frame rates experience. Another writes that the game is smucking, though it runs over 100 frames per second. He also criticized crashes. With the latter we had to fight in the test. However, Deathloop is always fluent with us, using quite powerful hardware (I7 11700K, RTX 3080 Ti and 32 Gigabyte Memory) and played only in 1080p.

So far, it is unclear what causes the problem with so many people. Arcane is already busy examining the matter. On Reddit, one of the community managers responsible for Deathloop has responded to the GAG ​​contribution of a user who says the reason for the bad performance are the fantastic-looking burgers in the game. The Bethesda employee also means that the bread finished with meat act very tasty, but much more important: he reaffirms that you actively examine the problem and that has the highest priority. If you want to announce more specific information as soon as possible.

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