No Man s Sky Update 3 67 Patchotes

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Update 3.67 is there for no one’s sky , and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch

After the publication of the Frontiers Update for No Man’s Sky, Hello Games was pretty busy publishing several newer patches for the game.

Although these patches contain no new features, they contain many, many necessary troubleshootings. The bug fixes were made to meet the feedback of the players.

Hello Games will shortly publish another update with troubleshooting. The patch number will be known as version 3.67. It will soon appear on all platforms. One of the more important corrections in the recent patch is to prevent a crash on Xbox consoles.

Wizardry 8 Fan-Patch 1.28 new 10 options in the

You can read the full PATNOTES below.

no man’s sky update 3.67 patchotes

Settlement NSCs now have suitable thoughts when they are attacked by Sentinels or flee in front of a storm.
The Settlement Mission now gives more information about when the next decision can fall.
It has been fixed a problem that could cause Sentinel attacks on settlements immediately canceled without Sentinels being spawned.
It was fixed a problem that could prevent players preventing additional judgments when they claimed a new settlement, while in their previous settlement was a building under construction.
It was fixed a problem that could lead to some basic and settlement parts lost their collision.
A number of locking problems with cuboid rooms have been fixed that could cause them to be blocked in a multi-storey building.
Fixed a series of faults with cuboid space foundations.
An error with door animations on wooden parts has been fixed.
A number of problems when snapping ramps have been fixed.
A problem has been resolved that prevented the synchronization of fireworks in multiplayer mode.
It has been solved a problem that prevented the firecroots of Hirk properly.
An optimization of the basic and settlement rendering was introduced.
It was resolved a problem that could prevent players from starting a new game when their last memory status came from an incompatible version.
It was resolved a rare problem that could prevent some players from loading their scores.
A rare crash in connection with the selection of game mode has been fixed.
A rare crash in connection with mission notifications has been fixed.
A rare crash in connection with the placement of settlements has been fixed.
A network crash on the Xbox has been fixed.

The information posted above comes from the official website of the game. No Man’s Sky is now available for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One platforms.