Deathloop is now suffering from the infamous Review Bombing

It has not been a week since deathloop The market, but of course, the game is already suffering from the infamous review bombing in metacritic . As it has happened with other exclusives of PlayStation in the past, what s new about Arkane Studios has been receiving all kinds of negative reviews by the Trolls.

Currently, deathloop account with an average rating of 88 by the specialized criticism, but if we look at the qualification of the users, we will see a very different result. Specifically, the game has a user rating of 61, due to all unjust criticism you have received these last days.

The title of arkane has been receiving grades up to 0, because alleged fans of PlayStation say that you do not have to buy deathloop because they would be supporting something developed by xbox game Studios, While the fans of xbox allege that the game is a garbage and that they do not think to touch it until it reaches Game Pass.

So as you can see, it seems that both the fans of PLAYSTATION and those of Xbox are unjustly attacking deathloop . The good news is that it seems that MetaCritic is already taking letters in the matter by deleting several of these criticisms, since previously the qualification that the game had been in charge of its users was up to 55.

DEATHLOOP is now available for PS5 and PC, and you can take a look at our written review.

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Via: Metacritic