Interview Diablo 2 Reservoir D

[A News 24 Kim Moon-ki] The Diablo 2: Leisure released has been reaching a week. The coming will be released 24 days a week.

Blizzard Diablo 2 and Extended Pack Diablo 2: Leisure , who remasted the destruction of destruction , has been receiving the attention of the three days of the original. The 2D character models that appear in the original work are completely implemented as a 3D model and the sanctuary is newly represented. The latest gaming hardware performance was maximized to enable 7.1 Dolby Surround Audio, up to 4K resolution and full remaster.

The following is a Diablo 2: Roblegarlani Design, which is responsible for reservoir.

Without copying in the original, the advanced rune word was almost impossible, but there is no probability adjustment plan for the rune

(Gallelani) there was a lot of talk about this part. The unauthorized use did not come out. Currently, the live game itself will keep monitoring and plans to plan for how to develop it. I ll take a look at the situation technically and say it again.

In order to summon the Uber Diablo, many Judon Ring should have been sold to the store. This is a way to recover the past radiant items in the past, and it seems that it seems that it is too difficult to require the same level in the reservoir. I wonder if there is a plan to change the method of improvement or the appearance of the issue of Forever Diablo.

(Gallelani) takes two steps. First of all, I am looking at the economic situation for Judon, and I will take action if necessary. If only one is sold, it is possible to summon the fee.

In the case of Diablo 2, there is no end content, which is ready to prepare an end content system, such as Diablo 3,

(Gallelani) end content is repeatedly repeatedly, and the drop rate is lowered, and the drop rate was dropped, and it was considered a lot of new content parts. Things to do from now on should focus on major macroeconomic indexes (fundamentals). New users should be so difficult that they should take the economic indicators. Items are not discussed, but they are prioritically focusing on core games

In the test test, I focused on showing the membrane and 2 membranes, and then the third membrane ~ 5 membranes were relatively hidden. Since then, is the two-memosable state in the membrane, and the same changes as the graphics that users can see happily?

(King) is expecting a big. Many part prepared. You will be able to experience a new game. How to summon a new model, we have applied a new model to expect a much better effect

We wonder the update direction of Diablo 2 reservoir after formal release.

(Gallelani) focuses on the initial authentication and stability. Stability or performance is tailored through continuous monitoring. When feedback comes in, we strive to solve it. Launched at the same time, the ladder was not launched, but prepared. There will be a way to loose the leather

It seems to be a beta and actively accepts the feedback of fans. Even after the formal service, you can also see new content or balance improvement through feedback

(Gallelani) Feedback is always important. Alpha and Beta are striving to listen to fans feedback. The game community plans to actively support. If there is tuning or bug in relation to stability, it will be actively fixed. I will not be able to see if it will be clear whether it will be a clear, but it will actively see if it is live.

I am curious to introduce the ladder season. There is also a plan to introduce a new theme every season, like Diablo 3,

(Gallelani) The clear date of the new leather season introduction is that it is difficult to speak, but it can be said to be coming soon after the release. I think that the game launching is stable and then to promote the Launching Leaders. The period of the leather may vary. Diablo 2 is a six-month period, so it is too long, and it was too long to feel it, Diablo 3 took three months, but it is difficult to say that it was right. There may be adjustments for the period. I do not think it s completely excluded about the new topic, but I will discuss how to build a building and take a strategy.

Diablo 2 The resources of the original was a lot of lost resources, and I wonder how it resolved this. Is it a new resource, or is it somewhere?

(King) It was not true that there was some loss. I tried to write a lot of time to find the past things before starting first. I often had the time to collect and educate the reference. I also improved with the code you have. I understood how the code was woven and reflected in new content. In the conclusion, I had a lot of work to find what I was in the past and could also find cinematic rendering or concept art.

There is a convenience system that is in mind, in addition to the automobile automatic picking or shared stored in Diablo 2: Lingerie.

(Gallelani) gold coated automatically picked up automatically. I am listening to the feedback on whether the jewelery or potion can be overwritten. Overall balanced and economic conditions are continuously looking at the economy. If the foundation is doing well, I will look at it in an open posture

Recently, it has been found that there is no improvement in some optimization and server stability in the beta test. In launch, these parts will be improved well

(Gallelani) Alpha, Beta, Open Beta, and Close Beta, etc. continuously improve the issue of Ping Pong latency. We have expanded the server in the part of the world, while monitoring the game users worldwide. Since there will be more users after launching, we will continue to monitor the best game environment

The position of the character is still in the position where the position is back and the other side is still present. Full version is modified

(Gallelani) user s computer and server location are trying to know how to improve, but how to improve the server location. The user will design the computer to be close to the server location. I will improve connectivity and make the best game environment

I wonder if the copy, the bot, the map nucleus, etc. are not available in reservoir.

(Gallelani) is as effort to prevent misconduct and is a tremendous time. The user who aims to be impossible, but the user who attempts (negative act) (negative act) will continue. However, since it has a modern battlenet, there is an overall item management or newly improved parts. Security also improves the item storage method. I will monitor the utmost misconcourse.

Do not you plan to support cross-play, not a shared (cross-saving) (cross save)?

It is possible to play (Gallelani) progress to share the progress. The game users are considered to be free to make it free. Cross generators are possible. For example, in Fles 3, you can go to Plus 5. Most possibilities are opened and reviewed

I am curious about the overall information, including the resolution and frame specifications of the Nintendo switch version.

(King) switch part has a lot of expectations. The portable version will come out and will give you the best game environment. 4 players are also possible. Switch support is high, too,

(Gallelani) is higher than original game. I tried to support 30fps. Because the screen becomes smaller, the font size should also be careful. Overall, we have tried to implement optimal resolution

Unlike Diablo 3, which was almost new for console plates, Diablo 2 reserves appear to be almost implanted. Compared to the PC version of the keyboard and mouse manipulation, I enjoy the upper contents and I can not be somewhat difficult, but what to do is actually what about?

(Gallelani) makes it the same as possible. Understand that the game gives other experiences rather than being difficult. For example, if it is a controller, it is easy to avoid flames and more easier for character movement. It becomes the trading off each other. You can try different attempts on two platforms. You can differentially from the PC and the Amazon play on the console. Heavy testing progressed. It is possible to port the controller directly to the PC. The game is right now