Surviving Mars Update 1 28 Patch Notes

Update 1.28 is there for survival of Mars , and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch.

Developer Haemimont Games today released a new update for Surviving Mars. Yesterday, the PC version received the same update yesterday, but now you can download the patch for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. If you play the PS4 version of the game is the patch number 1.28.

The update contains only a gameplay enhancement. The rest of the Patnotes refers to the many bug fixes that the developer has made for the game. It is also a well-known problem.

You can read the full PATNOTES below.

Surviving Mars Update 1.28 Patchotes

Gameplay enhancements

Remove the Micro-G Auto Extractor Prefab from the standard load-out for Asteroid Landers so that you do not accidentally add a prefab without having one.
Visual improvement of the base of asteroids (mostly for photomodes).


Birth control with solid dome.
Fixed that the same anomaly event occurred several times.
Fixed that dust storms, cold waves and meteor storms were not triggered.
Fixed that the Mars surface filled with water after a lake was connected to a water producer.
Fixed issue where asteroidlanders sometimes do not display their status properly if they returned from an asteroid to the last second.
Correction of drone control for broken grocery warehouse fixed.
A crash has been fixed, which sometimes occurred in the landing of an asteroid land with drones on an asteroid.
A crash was fixed when asteroids leaves with drones.
Fixed that for old scores without B & B no seed could be ordered from the earth.
Fixed that cold waves did not disappear after their end in old scores.
The filter must contain for seniors has been corrected.
Fixed missing images for anomalies.
Fixed that intelligent complexes did not get electricity after old scores were loaded.
Fixed that the rule winter comes was not selectable in the game control screen.
The missing UI panel of RC Safari (the visitor shows) has been fixed.
In some cases, lamps of the elevator in the air were fixed floating.
False floor texture after the conversion of buildings fixed in a mega dome.
Missing warning fixed when a rocket was shot back to the earth while still unloading freight
Fixed a problem in which the weight of the sponsor-specific rover for land / elevator / follow-up loading was counted twice.
Problem where the Asteroidlander did not load more than one rover of each type – fixed
Fixed problem in which success in asteroid hopping after the visit of 10 instead of 11 asteroids has been unlocked.
Fixed problem in which Wespendrohnen in colonies in the replenishment menu always displays 0
Fixed a problem in which the camera has zoomed in the wrong sector in the substrate.
Fixed a problem where the mystery of philosophists could not be completed after a stone was destroyed.
A crash related to the Inner Light Mystery in old scores has been fixed.
Fixed: landing places were unusable after the construction of a rocket was aborted.
An empty B & B technology tree has been fixed that has been displayed for old scores.
Fixed problem in which drones showed in the wrong direction when collecting metals or exotic minerals.
Fixed a problem in which the Fast Radio Burst turned several colonists into genius.

And several other underlying code fixes that probably caused errors, especially to save games from before the update.

Known problems

The crash in connection with the grocery storage was resolved among most scales, but can still occasionally occur, the investigation is currently being carried out.

The following information taken up are from the official paradox forums. Surviving Mars is now available for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.