Cookie Run Kingdom Beauty Apple App Store Game Sales 6th

[Eye News 24 Dun Young Soo Chae] Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jong-il) announced on the 27th that mobile game Cookie Runs: Kingdom was on the 6th place in the US Apple App Store game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is the beginning of September Tara! The Holly Berry Kingdom of Passion update is the top of the game, and both of the game are in the top 100 and has a steep upgrade.

In particular, it is a company side description that the local famous influenza was soaked as a voice actor and to raise access to the main target and the strategy to raise the topic. In the case of a trailer in the entire English version of the English version, the official YouTube has exceeded 3,800 views in 3 weeks.

Cookie Run: Kingdom s US campaign will be held on October 8th. Based on overseas marketing and service know-how, Devs Sisters plans to expand its local awareness in the United States, and plans to spread the local awareness in the United States.