Treatment of the Adventure Lil Gator Game plays a cute little crocodile free exploration make an animal good friend

Publisher PlayTonic Friends recently publicly developed by Megawobble New as Lil Gator Game , this is a casuality of the cute little crocodile to the open world adventure Game, is expected to be launched in 2022, Week will open the test.

LIL GATOR Game is very simple, just play a crocodile to explore , play, take branches to eliminate cardboard enemies in a crocodile in the park with rich ecological island park. The most important thing is to interact with the mice, frogs, sheep, sharks, raccoon, and many other animal friends.


In recent years, there are more and more social simulation Games like dynamic, and the same main exploration is interacting with NPC. Carefully taste this content, the Game s overall rendering style with the environment settings with another casual healing adventure Game a short hike very similar (this is also worth playing!), And in the action and equipment usage People think that the Law of Salda Legend .

But Lil Gator Game is more on the staple floor, and the calm legs that shake when gliding, shaking the swing of the brain when swimming, and the cute and more refined thinity of the small crocodile, each action is quite healing.

LIL GATOR Game is scheduled to be launched at 2022, logging in to Steam and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the STEAM new product festival starting next week will open DEMO demo, interested players can join the wish list.

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