Outriders Update 1 14 Patchotes

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Update 1.14 is there for pioneer and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to the patch. Last month, there were a lot of fixes for every Outriders class out there, but unfortunately there were still some problems that had to be promoted. In particular, the Devastator class had some imbalance issues as well as control problems. This update will optimize this control as well as the workforce of the frayer. The patch is pretty much significant, considering that the servers have been taken off today to implement them today so that some significant changes are expected. Everything is new with Outrider s Update 1.14.

Outriders update 1.14 patchotes

It has been fixed a problem that could lead to players when entering the dehydrated lake stuttered during the third enemy encounter in the expedition scorched land .
It was fixed a problem that could lead to that

Play to stutter when crawlers are pulled into the battle during expeditions

It was resolved a problem that would force

Matchmaking privacy setting on Open by default

The privacy setting should now remain closed when setting. This should help to further reduce the AFK matchmaking.

AFK status for players Added to friend lists
An error has been fixed, which could lead to customer shots sometimes no actual damage to enemies.
Further improved visibility of

Brood mothers Surge AOE skilled limits

The behavior of the changed

Devastator s Impale, so that the game recognizes enemies as dead, even before they disappear.


The skill Reflect balls of the frayer now protects against Sciathan projectile attacks.

It was fixed a bug that could lead to that

Phoenix nesling of the pyromant passive to restore 100% instead of 50% of health in multiplayer mode.

An error has been fixed, which could lead to players were teleported back in cover if they used

Thermobomb short before leaving the cover.

An error has been fixed

Preventing players to revive themselves and other players after using the craft borrowed time of the trickster.

An error has been fixed

Prevent Devastators from consistently avoiding if you have activated the Auto Reflect-Mod.

It was fixed a bug that could lead to that

Seaters and the legendary sets of the cannonball do not retain their setbonus after a transition.

It was fixed a bug that could lead to that

Seaters-SetBonus of the TechnomanCer is not constantly triggered.

An error has been fixed that could cause certain

Mods like Grand Opening so as not to trigger when the player was in his last magazine.

An error has been fixed, which could lead to certain ammunition-related mods maintain their effects even after they were replaced. This problem has previously been released on the return to the lobby of itself. To the affected mods belonged Brain Eater, Clip of Amalthea, Perpetuum Mobile, Vampiric Mag, Toxic Lead, Regoring Bullets.
An error has been fixed by which the mod unstoppable force could be stacked with itself.
An error has been fixed, which could cause shards that were invested in side weapons / second primary weapons, causing an inconsistent behavior of the primary weapon.
It has been fixed a problem that prevented the recording of minor characters

Journal entries if they were already collected on a different character.

Crash corrections
Other smaller bug fixes

Outrider was a pleasant surprise this year and combines third-person shooter action with some special, elementary attacks to create a dizzying mix of bombastic gameplay, which is simply not old. The constant updates of the developers also help that everything runs smoothly. So, expect that OUTRIDERS will be ready for use earlier than later, so that we can get back into action.

Pioneer is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. For more information about the patch, see Visiting the Official Outriders website.