NHN AI Fashion service formal launch

[INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL) announced on 29th that NHN (Representative Jung Woo-jin) has launched AI Fashion service specialized in fashion field by using its own artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

AI Fashion has been developed by learning various shopping platform data at home and abroad based on image retrieval technology. ▲ Even if you do not know product information such as product name or brand, you can search for similar products that can be easily and quickly searching for similar products, but if you do not have a variety of pricing, or if you do not have stock of the product, And provide.

Small and medium-sized shopping malls using AI fashion can easily provide sophisticated recommendations of AI. It is a company-side description that it is reasonable in terms of resources, rather than building AI services.

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NHN, NHN AI business headquarters, NHN has been implementing AI studies that can be easily grafted to real life, and is implementing real services such as AI fashion, face recognition, he said, Technology, services, We will try to provide a variety of services based on AI, which can easily be combined to make it easier for business.