2021 Tutorial Kim Jung joo Nexon Foundation Witness Retraction

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] The State of Kim Jung-joo, who was adopted as a national audit witness, was withdrawn.

According to the National Assembly, the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party was withdrawing the witnesses to the Kim Jung-joo Nexon Changchun. For the Maple Story Director of Gangwon-ki, I was grasped to submit a private issue on the 29th of the 29th for health.

According to this, the Fair Trade Commission, which is scheduled for 5 days, will not attend Kim Jung-joo s founder and Gangwon-ki Director as a witness.

The official official said, Kim Jung-joo was not resident in Korea and has been residential in Korea, and has been steadily withdrawing a witness today, said Nexon executive and Maple Story, and Maple Story. I explained that Nexon executives and Maple Story practitioners will be applied as a witness.

Then, Nexon executives and Maple Story are not yet definitely.

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Meanwhile, the Flowerman has applied for a witness of Kim Jung-joo, Nexon Cuisine and Kangwon-ji, to query the probability of the probability of the flame item of the reincarnation of the benefits of the benefits of the beneficiary of the maple story.