Tekken 7 Korean War won the overwhelming victory to 2 Koreans

Korea won the Woolen 7 e-Sports Hanil War in Busan.

On the past day, Busan E-Sports Stadium, the E-Sports Night (THE E-SPORTS NIGHIGHT, TEN), which is hosted by Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (THE E-SPORTS NIGHIGHT, TEN) 2021, was held. This tournament has been conducted to the iron-Korean war that could not be easily seen, and four players each of Korea and Japan were conducted. As a representative of Korea, Seongnam Rock, Knee vessel, Chanel Kang Sung Ho, Cherryberry Mango Kim Jae Hyun, Milberry Mango , and the Japanese representative, said, , Destroying King , Gen was played.

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The first round was proceeded to the survival of the survival method. Kim Jae-hyun defeated Cherryberry Mango Kim Jae-hyun, who was in the forefront, but the Chanel Kang Sung Ho, who has played, 2 wins against King and Chikurin , Knee Novi s achieves 2 wins against and decorated the first round. In particular, knee shipments were both defeated with both players and showed a power.

The second round was held in an entry match that four players have played one athlete, and played. The Chanel in the game, and the Knee spoil, who played four games, respectively, Cherry Berry Mango Kim Jae-hyun and Milberen , Kim Jae-hyun and Mil , Win 2 games and 3 games The second round ended with two-to-two draws.

The three rounds were held between each team ace. In Korea, Knee has been sent out, and in Japan, Gen has played. Ken was awarded to Pakumam, but the game score was a 3-year-old 1 game score, and Korea was winning the Knee vessel, and Korea has won the total round scores. As a result, the total prize of 60 million won was returned to Korea, and 4 million won returned to Japan.

In recent years, Japanese players showed good skills in different competitions or online, so experts did not reach Korea s victory easily. However, Korean players have won a win on the home based on their overwhelming skills and relative analysis, as these concerns were concerned at once.