Deathloop First major update takes care of some of the most important criticisms

Deathloop will (still) get better: The first big update to the PS5 exclusive screws on some aspects of the game. Among other things, the behavior of the NPCs is improved, there is now an HDR calibration screen, more stability when using raytracing and much more. We present the Game Update 1 here with patch notes.

Deathloop update improves NPC behavior on PS5, RayTracing and more

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What s it? about Deathloop! The time-strip shooter has been released in September for PS5 and PC. Since then, Bethesda and Arcane have apparently worked hard on the first major update, that is now at the start and brings many improvements.

When is the update? It s already there. Since yesterday, the 14th of October, the Game Update 1 for Deathloop is available for download.

How big is the update? 5 GB you need to download for the Game Update 1 from Deathloop, how Bethesda has announced on the official site.

That s in it: Most PS5 players inside from Deathloop is likely to be pleased that the behavior of the NPCs was adapted. In addition, there is now a HDR calibration screen and the audio output of the PS5 dualSense controller is now supported and RayTracing eats less performance.

HDR calibration: You can now set better in the options as HDR works on a corresponding device.
RayTracing: When RayTracing is activated, Deathloop is now better and more stable.
NPCs react more comprehensible to our actions and find their way better now.
DualSense Controller : The vibrations and the audio output have been adjusted and improved.

How Deathloop has cut off in our large Deathloop test (spoiler: very good), you can read here. The test video looks like this:

The complete German-speaking patch notes for the PS5 update:

An HDR calibration has been added to the user interface options.
Performance and stability when RayTracing activated has been improved.
Wegging and reactions of the NPC to the player have been improved.
In the case of poor connection quality, an indication now appears on the top right of the screen (similar to a speedometer with exclamation marks).
The content of PS5 activity and game help systems has been improved.
The vibrations of the dual wireless controller have been improved.
The quality of the audio mixture has been increased.
In Colt and Julianna players, laser mines, guns and fireworks now show a correct behavior.
Errors when activating the trophies Hoppla and in Adam and Evacostüm were fixed.
An error has been resolved, which sometimes reset COLTS progress, even if the player confirmed No .
A crash problem has been fixed that occurred when a player as Julianna unlocked a masterpiece using devastation.
The reactions of Aleksis Dorsey were revised to make it easier to identify him under the party guests.
An error has been fixed, which led to sometimes glitches when playing as Julianna at Kills.
Julianna s actions no longer switch directly trophies for Colt.
Julianna players hear about radio no more conversations that are only intended for Colt.
A problem has been fixed that occurred when leaning (entries are no longer sporadically ignored).

If you have already played diligent Deathloop, the update offers the perfect opportunity to look again. After all, the shooter invites not only with the many load-out combination options for experimenting. Which Loadout compilations the developers prefer to play here can read here.

What do you say about the improvements? What is still missing, what bothers you the most?