Neowiz Blazen Shield PC Update Roadmap

[Kids News 24 Municipal Journal] Neowiz (joint representative, Kim Seung Chul) announced the update road map of Blazen-Shield PC through YouTube official channel.

On the 9th, the broadcasting director of Park Kyuji appeared in the unlimited number of new contents and schedules to be updated until the first half of the year in 20022. In addition, the improvement, the content of the update direction was also delivered together.

First, in the October update, the PVP regular season begins and the challenge (5 person) dungeon is added to the six-time dungeon. Here you will be updated with one-to-one feathers, new named bosses.

It is achieved a new class, new skills, and wing character costume, such as new Skill and wing character costume, and new classes, and new classes, and main quest expansion until next year.

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Content updates are trying to proceed in a direction that can give a more positive and large change, said the content update is trying to continue to be a more positive and large change, he said.