New World Server Online again Update 1 0 3 with server

Update 10/20/2021 – 11:11: Server by New World are back online. In fact, much sooner than expected and faster than the last patch.

Original message: The servers of the online role-playing game New World (now Buy 39.99 €) today are offline in the morning to make to extended maintenance. The reason is, according to the development team of Amazon Game Studios, the publication of the extensive updates 1.0.3. This not only numerous bug fixes and optimizations, but also the long-awaited feature of the fans for the server transfer of game characters. The servers are shut down German time already at 7.00 am, the maintenance is scheduled for five hours. If everything went according to plan, you can check out at noon back into the MMO login.

The update 1.0.3 brings as already mentioned, the function for the server transfer is that it allows to let you finally move a character on another server. However, the feature is not immediately after maintenance for all players. According to Amazon Game Studios, users in the region AP southeast must first get started. In this short test phase, the developers want to observe accurately whether there is abnormality. If everything went according to plan, the function is activated about eight hours later for the other regions.

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Furthermore, eliminating the update some bugs. Among others, the Azoth rods on rank 4 and 5 now fixed should be what has previously hindered the progress of the adventurers. In addition, the developers have made changes to the chests loot from the update 1.0.2 reversed and changes to the back-end client made to improve performance during PvP wars. The full patch notes can be found on the official website, here is a small sample.

Patch Notes for New World v1.0.3 (detail)

Fixed a bug with the R4 and R5 Azoth rods: Draw near to the portals now high levels!
Fixed a bug that persisted for discarding an event notification.
Fixed an error in the dwelling user interface. The user interface now displays correctly that the property taxes, the total price of the house and are not affected by the Erstkäuferrabatt.
Fixed a bug with spawning in the early stages of the game. The Watchtower Respawnpunkt is replaced by the settlement after it was discovered. The respawn for players not now takes longer incorrectly to a watchtower, after they have chosen a respawn in a settlement.
There have been corrected in the game different translation problems.
Fixed a bug that all the items were not used for city projects through after the mission was completed.
Fixed a login Fixed a bug that prevented players had access to their character.
Fixed a bug that caused Arena key is not intended as appeared as prey.
Fixed a bug that was colored by the incorrect Runenbär armor in the war.
Fixed an error in the pet placement. Pets that are placed in an otherwise empty house, now remain there, even if the player logs out, rather than return to the player s inventory again.
Server in AP Southeast now display the correct time zone in the game.
Fixed an error with titles: player Achievements now appear as intended and the success tab is updated correctly when a new achievement was earned.
Fixed a bug that persisted through the Company invitations after rejecting / accepting.
Fixed an issue that was ever piled by the Rajah spawns – just a big cat each, please!

Source: Amazon Game Studios

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Today the update 1.0.3 appears for the MMO New World. (2) [Source: buffed]

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