Why did Wendsday pointed out a game of the comfort women s pain

Wenz Da, released on steam in December last year, previously developed the development intention to inform the comfort women in the comfort women. In addition, it is also a game that is developed from the Korea Content Promotion Agency (Condor Circle). These Wends Day came to the audit of the state this year. The representative of the developer is the question of attending witnesses and is subject to a question.

A Short Movie on Comfort Women

Kim Yiji, the power of the Kimji, pointed out a problem with the result of the actual proceedings, different from the actual contents of the Cultural Physical Education Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture Physical Education). Kim Jong-ji received W119 million won from Cancer, and after the contract with the Cancer, the contract was terminated, he opened Crowd Funding, and raised 9,400,000 won over three times the target. I have been found in one content.

Then, Kim, a member of Kimbridge compares the report and a crowdfunding pledge that has been submitted in 2019 in 2019, and Results reports include 5 million won for the results report in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish translation But it is said, however, , however, in January 20, 2020, the Funding Excess of Funding, is also included in France, Germany and Dutch translation. At that time, France, the Netherlands were not bound to translate, he said. As a grant, Gambridji Dan Min-seok said, Granting, we could not launch it with the level and content that we want, so I raised additional development costs.

Kim Yi-ji, said, Why did you complete why the results report? I did not have to be specified as partial completion, said, The representative said, The part seems to be wrong. According to answers, in the process of developing games, documents, metabolism, etc. are added to the text, so that they have been transferred to the 5 million won in the government, and they have been bouncing properly, so it explained that they were raised.

On the other hand, Kim Yiji said, As a result report, there is also a mobile version of production, dubbing support, and the language translation was also reduced to five languages ​​in 10 languages. The report is incorrectly written. I have not been completed, or I have to have been specifically less specifically, I have been inevitable, I received a support, I received a funding, and I have received the funding, but I have not been able to get the results. This can be a misunderstanding that you are trying to use sensitive topics.

Then, Kim, a member of the Article, told the Minister of Arts, and to provide a submission of post-management, system improvements, and recurring measures for the production support projects that the Condor, including the game. The contribution of the Condor to manage the project a little more closely and the benefits will be utilized properly.