Genshin Impact Photography Event Guide Shadow and Light Meetings Rewards

You just started a new event for Genshin Impact , an event in which it is very easy to participate and where you can take a few prizes if you are good taking pictures within the game.

It is about the event called Encounters of Shade and Light , and in which you are basically going to have to share on Twitter a photo along with other characters in multiplayer mode, meet a series of rules.

So in this guide we will collect everything you should know about the multiplayer photography event called shadow and light encounters at Genshin Impact .

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Date of celebration of the event

The event has begun October 25 and will be available until next November 21.

The list of winners will be published on the official website in 10 working days after the event has finished, although the prizes will be received later.

How to participate in the event and requirements

All you have to do is publish on Twitter a photo in multiplayer mode that meets all the requirements, considering that your tuit should be public.
It must be a group photo of a maximum of four characters, yours next to three others. And a minimum of two characters, that is, you can not appear alone.
The photo can be anywhere in the game, but you should include author information such as nickname and UID and that the characters that appear.
In the Twitter publication you must include the EncuentrosDeluzysombra and Genshinimpact labels, and also mention the other travelers that appear in it with the relevant @ .
They also comment that there is no kind of restriction with regard to the format of the image, so you can play, for example, with GIFs.

You must be very attentive to the final notes about this Twitter photography event so that you can not be disqualified, highlighting that you can not publish illegal content, or have copyright, you must relent to the rules of the event and not include any additional link in The Tuit and that you must have the consent of all the participants.

There is a very important thing and is that we can participate in this event more than once , but you can only take a prize at most, the highest value.


There are varies:

First prize × 1

Monoceros pillow Caeli × 1 + protogema × 1500

Second Award × 3

Genshin Impact × 1 + protogema × 600

Third Prize × 5

Genshin Random Mouse Pad Impact × 1 + Protogema × 200

Lucky Prize × 50

Random character hanging keychain × 1 + random character logo × 1

As we have said, they will publish the list of winners 10 working days after the end of the event, but the issue of rewards that are distributed through the game mail will require a period of 15 working days after having published the list of Award-winning The physical awards will be sent by postal mail.

So with this you know how to participate in the photography event in multiplayer game of shadow and light encounters in Genshin Impact .

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