Bethpa King s Lead Large Update Promotion Pages

Young People of May (Korean: 오월의 청춘; Hanja: 五月의 靑春; RR: Oworui Cheongchun) is a 2021 South Korean tv collection starring Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si, Lee Sang-yi, as well as Keum Sae-rok. It premiered on KBS2 on May 3, 2021, and also broadcast on every Monday as well as Tuesday at 21:30 (KST) until June 8, 2021 for 12 episodes.

Bethpa (Representative Kim Jin-soo) introduced a new hero s berand tax on the mobile RPG King SQ, and released a promotional page with a large update further retrieval, and the Kingstade 2 Prologue.

Xe'Sha The Chaos Mage! New Hero First Look! | Hero Wars Mobile
The mechanic class of the physical properties of the Baber is a hound unit to perform the mission of the Secret of the Kingdom of the Wang Country.

In addition, the hero special dungeon was opened. Everyone who clears the first gateway to the first gate of the 8th of the story of November 9, a user who cleared the Pandora s remaining, which is the first gate of the Pandora s remaining, and afterwards, it can be obtained as a 10 -10 stage Clear compensation do.

In addition, you can receive a dedicated weapon and dedicated treasure, and souls, such as Balanche and exclusive treasure, and souls, etc.

Bethpa is a point that is provided when the launch of the new hero Baber, is provided by the point of performance, Balanse Yu Yu-soul, Lucky Jewelery, Stamina Potion, Rewind Dama Coupon, Organization Option Proceed to 9 days of hero growth events that can be replaced with a variety of items.

In addition, we will also provide a daily challenge through the Heroic Academy event, which will be held on November 9, and will help you receive up to 10 Tickets All-in-One Special Summon 10 tickets accordingly.

In addition, Bethpa opened a promotion page that contained preliminary information on the new journey of King Slaid. Through the page, you can preview the prologue of King Sade 2, such as graphic remasters, UI reorganization, and the information of a large update more reloader, scheduled for December.